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Chapter 1 - Past Morning

To believe in destinies, deities, prodigies, as if lucid dreams can send. Deny them. Praise them. Unless they throw your live into calamity. Even though those features found in dreams shall reflect in reality.

Me, in a familiar place. Day time, no clouds, shifting blue sky. I looked behind. The long building that forms the station, the restaurants to it's left, bakery and different stores to the right as well. All closed. I don't even care to think about this emptiness. Generally I keep an eye on buses to depart. The street forms the border between the train station and a nice place for passerby. Not a single bus or care around. Always a pleasure whenever the town where I lived the last years and find so comfortable appears so silent and empty. No busy souls around. Honestly, there where, but only a few guys. I loved this. I learned early to enjoy moments that give you the feeling that half a city, or at least the streets, belong to you. Not that you belongs a society that don't care or don't even cherish, so you believe. The cool but delightful air of the upcoming spring was just great. That's what I just needed. On the place ahead there was built a monument, shaped like a simple temple with four pillars, a giant book between them and a pointed roof above. Everything forged of a light kind of stone. Out of a sudden there stood a man in front of that monument, ca. twenty meters away, to be exactly. His body flickered in the warm air. That doesn't make sense. How can the sun cause an illusion a weather like this? When the winter haven't ended yet? His shape sharpened. A man majorly dressed in white. Not a bad taste he seem to have. Though why do I have that intention that I know him? Have I seen him anywhere before? I can't remember. Who are you, friend in white? I somehow felt like the wrong person to call that unknown human, which face I weirdly can't make out, a friend. My in my uncommon black coat. And him? A fallen white king, one turn away from being swept from his board, along with all his slaves. I can't see your face, don't know your identity. But I feel your agony. Your sorrow! You are fallen, am I right? Of course he was not able to answer, the man with no ears, with no mouth. The unknown that lay too far away. I tried to walk a first step. My hunger to ask for more lead me to this action. The sun vanished from the stone of the street which I was up to cross. There was something evil. Dark stone. Why does the dark frighten me? That's not possible. Again I thought about crossing the street. I did not move. Yeah, that was impossible. Nobody held me back. There was nobody. Nobody but the man ahead. Again I looked at him. He was stunned like I was, so it seemed. But if I can read his emotions, can he sense mine? What am I thinking? One thing, I wanna come forward. I want to reach a new target that lies in the deep. A target without knowing it's shape. A strong wave of pain hit me. Desperation. The feeling to be helpless. The wish to escape. Please, stop that!!! These mental influences emitted by this bright creature, they reformed my will, my mind. His depression became mine and his sorrow filled my eyes. White king, what are you telling me? What is tormenting you? The waves of feeling hit me physically, I could see them as glassy bows, cutting through the warm and cold air layers, destroying my defense. My black masquerade frequently bleached, tended to whitish marble with every single beat a bit more. But how can I protect against this? I was helpless. This being cried for something he needs. And in me he found his victim, just because I could not help him. White fallen one, what is your problem? What can I do? Unfortunately I got nothing for you… Go!

Impossible! An incredible small point of this situation showed me a non-realistic fact. Where got I so much brave to command? Can this be true? Surely not. Now I could move my arms again and forgot everything else. I checked the time, the watch on my left arm. Quarter past twelve. That may be correct. Next, my claws. Still I had human hands, but slowly got, that this is just another dream. Euphoria took me. My skin and dress already had a pale color and lines like precious stone. Nothing unusual with my left hand. My right proved my guess. Six fingers, if I count the thumb, too. But anyways, it was a dream. I was clearly sure. Now, hurry! So I concentrated to give my boring appearance other traits. My hands shaped…

A woman’s voice pulled me out of my slumber, while I tried so. Afraid I looked up, so that I mentioned the inspector in less than a second. My ticket, yes! I had a ticket, for sure. Like I always buy them. Unimportant how seldom they control the travelers in these trains, I better try never to risk it. I gave her my ticket and she left me alone. I was dazed. And disappointed. I didn't find her guilty to distracting while working so hard. How many people on earth have such weird hobbies? Even dreaming can be a hobby, somehow. Again a lucid dream. And again I lost the time to experiment one or another thing. Honestly I acted the same way as I always do, because I want so. To take the look of an anthropoid white dragon. What else I intent after mastering that… well it have always been something different. This to control was the attempt that counts. The questions which still left after countless time of sleeping and seeking. It seems that everybody have it's one unique dreams. The kind of dreams, the details they sense, the triggers and reactions… To be specific: the logic behind the dreams and how they are connected to their various, clean minds. And crank minds as well. I am not ill or insane, just a hobbyist and Fantasy-fanatic, someone who have two many ideas, a wild style and enough free time at the moment. It's been years, that I heard of lucid dream for the first time and how fascinating they are. So many nights followed, most of them barely crowned by success, though some which changed so much and gave me hope to continue. Overall, there was one dream, only two weeks ago, that broke everything what I have thought to know about them. Non of them ever captured me for such a long time. It was like several interlocked dreams. And I had no clue, when I was awake. Everything seemed so real. So, how can I find out, that its not real, when there is no Reality Check - or RC - that actually works in those cases. Obviously, I often need some signs, triggers or else. Something that makes me unsure. Like in this last dream, when I sensed that there this is impossible. I tried Mantras to produce RCs, mostly with no success. What can help, too? The train stopped. I have not seen, where I arrived already. My destiny, here I needed to get out. The crowd stormed through the doors and I followed. The warm sun shine down on me, but the biggest part of the sky was covered with dark clouds. Also the weather and the daytime seems to be important. There is barely one dream that doesn't start at morning or noon. And all days have formidable weather. No rainy days, no mystic nights. Though… Why had this one dramatic dream all these features??? Lately I tend to travel pretty often. I still had holidays. That day I brought my watch to the shop, where I bought it, some years ago. A watch that began to be important to me, no clue why. The clock was defective or had no energy left, so they need to repair it. And it felt strange to walk around without any clock now, even though, my cell phone is an alternative. I'm sure, someday the time will tell me the truth, when all other indicators will fail. Another strange thing is, that I majorly check my hands and fingers in the wrong direction whenever I sleep, but I never get it. Have I really wore the watch on my left hand? Perfect, that's logical. For over 15 years, I have always wore my watches on my right arm! I left the station and now stood on the same place, where my dream started. Instead of a sunny day, the cloud layers shielded the sun. This sight was reminiscent to that wild day after the wild dream. I checked my hands, like I was used to it. The right, the left… The time. I sighed and pulled my phone out of my pants to check it. Half past twelve. So, it was close. It didn't distract me very much. Then I walked on. So many questions are still to solute. Problems that may chase me, until the end of my life. I could say, I can't sleep anymore, 'cause of all this trouble. How will I control this? How could that dream get out of hand… And the worst problem of all. So much sounded just like a riddle. That dream was an entire enigma. But after then… somewhere in this real madness roams that young lady, who got so much more, than she should know. Awake!

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