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Conclusion - Never Ending

I'm glad, you reached the end. And I'm excited, if you really enjoyed this little adventure of weird minds and unexpected dreams. Indeed, it ended, how it should have ended, or didn't it?! At this point I finally thank everybody, who encouraged me to continue this short story. This little project was originally planned as a simple so called 'Dragon Transformation Story' and shall not complete one chapter. Now see, how it grew and went ways even I didn't thought, I must go. Thank you, very much, community of Temeraire.Net. Especially I would thank those busy readers, who followed it right from the beginning, Terminator, Klara, and of course my bro, IndigoRyu.

Since when I had my first lucid dream, I felt like it's my duty, writing something that kept me so busy. And finally I found the force to write my really first fiction. It's a nice feeling, starting a new episode, which just began with an awesome night and demonstrated great potentials. But anyways.

In the end, which conclusively comes out as a never disappearing phantasm, you still may leave with new questions. And how did you follow the tiny tale? How strong blurred your own vision when trying to see what happens and expecting what will arrive very soon? Have you found moments you're familiar with? And how does nightmares of you would look like? Questions with less or no connections. Anybody even may ask, how mindful it is, just to grab in dreams, just to put it onto texts and pages. Expressing fictional thoughts and those you actually really experienced in own dreams, that could ride you into insanity, too. A sweet loss of sanity. Now who experiences adventures beyond the sites, full of moments you wanna see and feel? Which being starts a game in the night. And wins pieces of advice for live. So let me tell you, dear observer. The reader is the watchful dreamer.

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