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Chapter 9 - My Insanity

I suddenly were ripped out of my peaceful slumber. Who did it? Amy of course, her good mother next to her. Startling and grumbling, I sad now on the couch. The thrill sad deep inside. But also they were frightened. Victoria carried a plate with breakfast. That means… she let it fell when I reacted so suddenly. Desperately she now started to close the door and continued by roam the disaster she managed. But, honestly, that was my fault. At least I thought so, really. Though then I was totally confused and disturbed, looking all around. And finally staring at the two young women. They gasped loudly and stepped back. I'm sure to have an irritable and disturbed appearance, with spread wings. My tail hit on the floor. “I can't take it anymore! It doesn't just stop! All this is too much! All this is insane!!!” The younger woman quickly took one step and tried to reassure me. “Ventus! Please! Calm down!” “You are just saying. You have no idea! Yeah, you two don't know anything! What just happened?!?” “Slowly. What the heck is wrong. You had another nightmare, don't you?” I froze. Was that really a dream? Again this nightmare felt so realistic. The whole situation begins to go unexpected ways. No! “Wait, you're introduced. I'm sure, you're inflicted in this, a plan. I don't know, what a plan it is…” Absentminded I stared at the ground. “Are you going crazy?” Now looking again to her, into her eyes. “I'm fine. I once told you I'm fine. Nothing changed. You see.” I smiled unrealistically, then stopped it quickly. Said with a deeper voice. “You know something. Even more. You both, you finally deceived me!!!” Amy came closer, now stood in front of my. She slapped me heavily. Everything turned around me. Amy rose to speak, while I had problems recovering my orientation. That hit was a tough one! “What the hell is wrong with you??? I asked you several times, but you never tell me anything. You have problems!” “I do?!” “That happens when evading all the time, but telling what's lying on your heart… What's so difficult on it?” I don't wanna talk… My vision was clear again. I saw that girl standing in front with a reproachful expression on her face. I saw a desperate mother sitting on the floor and no idea how to stand on anyone's side. I blew it again. But I was distracted, no doubt. “I want to help you. And you have secrets. I would leave you alone and don't ask, if it doesn't bother you. But see, you need help!” “I have to do this by myself. No help.” I said silent. “You do! Or how would you call this?” She looked over her shoulder. Her mother cried, silently. She was down on the ground That was me… “I'm sorry, really.” Still saying silent. Amy offended me again. “Now, please, tell me what is wrong!” I hesitated. Sure, I was against this idea. “Ventus!” “Just leave me alone, right?” “Definitely not!” And again, silence. It's no use. She would not give up, until she get meaningful useful answers. “I only talk to you about that…” Amy wondered, but then nodded, stepped back and went to her mother, helping her up. “It's okay. He will calm down, but wishes only to talk to me now. Maybe you could do some new breakfast.” It was hard to swallow, she fought with herself, not to cry. Amy had mercy with her to death scared mother. I was ashamed already. Victoria did as told and disappeared. After then, Amy closed the door carefully, leaned herself against the door and sighed. She looked at me. I avoided her glance, stared at the wall. “How could you do this?” “I told, I'm sorry.” “Just tell me, what is going on inside you, that you can even freak out like that. Yesterday everything was way less dramatic. What happened?” I continued staring at the wall and said no word. “It was that nightmare.” Why is she even asking? “You would not understand.” “You can't know what I would!” “That's it!” I spit out and jumped from the couch, went two steps to the young woman. “Can I really trust you? Or Victoria?” “You can't be serious, believing I would really betray you? After everything I did?” My view wandered to her feet. “I don't know anymore what I can believe. I trusted you. But then…” I stopped. Amy used the chance. “What did you dream. Just tell me, please.” I snored. “It's hilarious to gossip about my dreams, isn't it?.” “Good, I wanna her something funny.” That let me growl shortly. She meant it. “I were caught by these damn guys, whoever they are. You find that funny?!” And that shocked her strongly. I spoke further. “No, you don't…” I turned around, strolled, breathed, then faced her again. “I told, I have reasons, not to give price everything about me.” “I couldn't know. You have all night the same horrible dream?” “I… no, not every night… It knocks me out so much, you know.” “I have mercy, really.” “Thanks…” I said silently. “Though I can't understand, how simple dreams can turn you into rage like this. That are only dreams!” “It's not!!!” I shout. I roared. She fell back, scared, petrified. Rage! She did not overdo. I'm driving crazy, that's true. She's just helpful, worried, like always. I blew it, and she possibly gives herself the fault. She possibly have always done so. I knelled down. “Listen carefully. I see a great danger in this special knowledge. The secrets I keep are secrets for good reasons.” Amy tried to be cautious. And she seamed not to rise to speak. That's better. “I once was human.” Right in this moment she tried to ask. I forbid it timely. “Actually, I have no clue how this could happen. I swore in thrilling methods, practiced. Experiments, which changed everything. But they normally should not.” “What…” “These experiments were dreams. And they should have been nothing but dreams! Though… somehow this weird one I had went totally wrong. Absolutely.” “This sounds impossible. Or, incredible!” “Don't think anything wrong now! By telling you this I could fairly tend you to do same mistakes. All this is a tabu! Amy, you saw, which way I had to take.” “I understand.” I sighed. Amy did not stop to stare at me. I hope she really means it. Once I intended to trust her. “Still… I have no idea, how these dreams can manage those wonders…” We paused, then I whispered and she listened. “I said it often and still think it. It's a nightmare.” “I don't believe, there can happen anything to me.” I jumped up again, looking down to her. “Just a hint. Don't underestimate all that. After these miseries, I just give my best, being cautious. And I wish, you also do so.” “I am watchful. Don't fear, please.” She stopped. The grandfathers clock continuously played their not ending song. And I now kept an eye on it. “Call me pessimistic…” She reacted, saw with bigger eyes. “…The time will come. And They will arrive…” She stood up, but I stepped back. “There is another thing. They. They maybe don't stop by catching me. What if they are also interested in any subject, everybody close to me. They will also take hand on you!” “How often shall I repeat? I am at your side!” “And if not?!” She gasped “No…” “What if you are not at my side. They will be grateful for every helpful tip. And helping every supporter.” “Ventus…!” “In all my nightmares, there was a traitor. Some person who brought them and betrayed me.” “Ventus! It was just a dream!” I further went back some steps. “They are more. Or how do you interpret this. The monster you see in front of yourself?!” “I won't…” “I can really be wrong, it can also be your mother. Like a good mother, she want to protect you. From danger. And neither you no her know extremely much about me. Also, I don't know anything about her!” Tears started to run over Amy's face. A misc of sadness and anger, too. “You are wrong!” “And you can't prove yourself innocent.” “You have no trust. In nobody around you!” The sentence broke the discussion. Now, the clock filled the silence. She's right. Have I forgotten, how to trust? Is that a side effect of my new appearance? Or am I just alone…? Though, I am not done. “Maybe… you're right.” I said. She took a deep breath, was relieved. I must do this. “I'm not done with it.” First she hesitated. Than ask “What is it…?” “Yesterday I mentioned, your mother is not alone. So what about your father?” The young woman gasped. That was something she really concealed all day. “So, what about him?” “He haven't seen you yet…” “But if he will do?” “I'm not sure…” That was her weak point. I feared there was a problem behind all that. “He doesn't even need to see me now.” Amy passed. “It's Saturday, right?” “…yes.” “So he's at home, I would say.” She looked to the ground. I added. “Imagine, Victoria is doing a meal, still distracted by the meeting, totally jazzed. Her husband comes across her. You think, she can keep this from him?” “I… I don't know…” “Amy, be honest…” “I have no idea.” “…What is his work?” She blanched, extremely. Oh hell… Please, don't confirm my fear. “I'm so sorry, Ventus.” He will find it out, once he ask Victoria. How will he react? What will he do? Amy concluded whispering “He's a cop.”

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