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Chapter 8 - Vanishing Hope

The more seconds past, the more hope I lost. Neither Amy, nor her mother said a word. The mother stared at me, unsure. The child could not decide which one to stare at. The worst meeting I ever had. Or have I ever banned similar dramatic situations out of my mind?! I couldn't say but I wished to be somewhere else, not here. This should never have happened, though it did. And it was not the best start I guessed. I still had to do my best moves in that turn. Again I spoke. “I understand this is a great shock. Shall I explain everything what happened? But actually I can't even do that. This all is strange. For anyone here.” while I presented my bare well improvised speech, the mother stayed to stare at me. The daughter looked to the ground, where she would not find the fitting words for the rest of the day, I guessed. “I can only repeat to say, I am harmless. I would never attack any human. Unless I'm forced to do so. I need to guard…” Still nothing changed, nothing became better. “No matter who these forces are, they will not find me here if everybody stay silent!” “These forces are a special group of soldiers, trained to find monsters like you are!” The mother finally spit it out. “In the television, they told us all we need to know. In all channels. They declared to be prepared and erase problems like you.” Just as I thought, I am an undesired animal in this world. They only strengthened this intention in their heads and gave them a solution. “They said the opposite, that you are completely inestimable. But now…” That was obvious! Telling them lies to make it easier. “They declared a bounty for every helpful hint.” She whispered. She amazed me, cause she did not what I expected. She told me everything? “Why are you telling me all that?” She hesitated, then said “I believe you… the point that you are peaceful.” That sentence let ran a cold shudder through my body. She really trusted me! Well, at least everything indicated that. Her expression was not hysteric anymore. She continued. “It's been a week that Amy have acted that weird. Since she met you…” Now she looked at her daughter. The expression became more and more thankful. “And since that time Amy had not gotten harmed, no scratch. That show's enough…” “Thank you…” We were silent for a while, a pause to think for all exhausted persons. I stepped back from the couch, they sat down, starring at me until they sat. Now Amy surprisingly started. “He is such a good…” And had no idea, how to conclude. Yeah, this was a good question. What doesn't sound like a dangerous beast? Or does she really intended calling me a pet?! “…friend. Right?” I was distracted, she caught me, so I just smiled badly. “And in addition, she was right when having this idea of renovating this shed.” I suddenly got how weird this all was. The whole discussion had an insane twist, an irrational taste. It happened to fast and under unnatural conditions, of course. Though there exists one possibility. Was this maybe a dream?! Damn! I turned around, looked against the wall, through the cleaned room, to the little window. And because I found nothing I turned again and stared to the two visitors, still looking at me, there heads turned over their shoulders like owls do. They stared with worry, a hated it. Amy began. “Is anything wrong, Ventus?” Embarrassing… What am I doing? Also, is this a dream or not? “Uhm… No nothing.” Once more, convincing was not my specialty. Amy seamed to follow with the next question. First, her mother asked “Is he often acting so freaky?! I hope there is nothing wrong with him.” “Oh, don't worry, this is how he is.” She giggled. Seriously? “What does that mean?” Now she ignored me. Fine. I walked back and leaned at the wall. With a more silent voice she talk to her mother, broken. “I'm so glad, you know…” She know, what Amy was talking about, let her speak out. “…So much may happen to him. He is in danger, he is a prey. But here he can live freely…” To me 'freely' was still a bit overdone. But anyways. Tears slowly collected, ran down her face. She sniffed. Please, that is too much. “I'm so glad, you accept him. I feared you would deny, call these hunters.” I thought so as well. So we guessed wrong. She was honest and meant to give me a chance. I was glad too. I was grateful for this chance to live. The girl's mother smiled honestly. “I feared, it may be a risk for you. Though there is no problem. It's all fine, I see.” Now she saw into my eyes. “Ventus is not the monster I always thought he is. Forgive me being that ignorant.” I shuddered. “Well, it's no big deal, really!” “And I'm sorry, I haven't even told my name. I'm Victoria.” She looked really similar to her daughter. Both with brown, curled hair, slim face and body. They all avoid giving me there last name! But anyways, I'm sure not to need it that soon. But… may there be a reason for their caution? Ah, forget it. “It's a pleasure!” “And you are… Ventus?! That's a pretty weird name, to be honest.” I spoke while looking to the younger woman. “I got that already…” The conversation slowly lost it's drive. Why where silent again, fought for finding a good question. I should. “Well, Amy was up to make some meal, I hoped…” She got a hick-up. Now I began to feel worried. Victoria began laughing and told “I made some breakfast. Uhm…” She paused. Obviously she had no good idea how to implement me in that meal time thebest way. “Sadly, I only did for her. And I have no clue, what you… prefer.” Amy cut my words, just to appear informed. “Anything would be fine, even breads.” “Really?” Victoria questioned. Instead of Amy, I answered calmly “It's right, really.” The mother got up quickly, saying “I better do hurry.” And she disappeared surprisingly quickly. My hunger was gone. Damn. A terrible time. And she seemed to still have problems accepting me. No wonder, this have been a difficult morning, yet. And the next time will surely not became too much easier. I looked at Amy. The girl was kept in thoughts. And I better did not imagine, what drafted through her head. At least, her mother give's her best, she is doing this for nobody. Not for her. Not for me. Victoria is making this challenge, only for Amy, I'm sure. Enough trust…

Suddenly Amy got up as well, going to the door. “I look, keep an I, maybe, I can help her.” Now I walked around the couch and sat down. “Do that. I confident, she will not poison me.” In front of the door, she stopped. “Ventus?” I inspected her. “Yes?” “Can you come up with her?” I sad nothing, first. She added then more careful “I mean… do you trust her?” A good question. I had no aware. I have not stopped being wary. I could not say. Just to be friendly, I said “Yes, I do.” It was no lie. I decided to trust her from now on. This, and having hope it was no failure. “Thank you.” One second later she opened the door and was gone. I mentioned, she left it opened this time. Unimportant. But these thanks were unnecessary. I lay down. Indeed, I was the most finished. They managed that catastrophic morning well, I had no appetite anymore, I got a headache, and needed some rest. Once again, still in the rainy, late morning. Was it Saturday? Weekend?! No clue. I lost the time. Knowing time is just a variable, an illusion, though there shall be a better time to wish. Losing time?! Since I felt like this, even when having this marvelous clock inside my lounge. Something vanished in me, I hoped it wasn't… the hope itself.

Disturbing noises ripped me out of my slumber. What the heck was that?!? I was alarmed got got up immediately, looked around. First to the window. Barely light outside, cloudy, rainy. Then the clock at the opposite, indicating 10 o'clock. Where were Amy and her mother? And what caused the noises? I had no chance to find out myself. The closed door where rapidly opened and one guy, armed with a rifle - those I've already seen enough - and armored in typical west. Bulletproof? Doesn't matter. Before I could move, he aimed and shot. Not fair! I had no time!!! I expected to feel pain, but there was nothing. The shock? No there was something sticking between my the scales on my breast. A talented gunman, hitting with one try in such a short time. I gasped. No blood. No wonder, he did not employ a common bullet. An injector, narcotic or similar. It paralyzed me, completely. I couldn't move, my breath slowed down, became more calm. I sank down on the ground, lay down and could not rebel. Not fair! I thought again. Why does this all happen to me? Why now? Instead of crying my worries in their faces, I only grumbled, ass much as I still could. Though I became more and more silent. The tiredness took more and more control over me. “Finally, we found you.” After all I had the power to look up and saw the man who talk, dizzy. He was another guy, not the one who shot. This other man wore a white coat. This was a bad sign, I inspected. A terrible sign. Who knows, what they will do on me. Killing me? I don't want to. I hope this is not the end… This hope was remaining cold sand in my claws, falling, designated to vanish. “Are that tears?!” Indeed, he said tears and meant me. So far it went now. “Bring it to the transporter. We better lose no time. It's almost over.” I stared to the door where more persons entered, most with coats and one young woman wearing a quilt. I shuddered. She cried, shout “You must fight on!” She can not be serious. What? Who the hell found out that I live at this place. Did not she betrayed me?! Victoria? The rest ignored her. She continued, whispering “Hang in, break the fetters. I wished to ask for that, she was actually joking by telling me these irritating things. But I was not able to rise, not to rise to speak anymore. I was so sleepy, a regretted it, and surrendered. I closed my eyes, gave up. The tiredness was too strong in the end. No fighting on. But awaiting what will follow next. Nothing enjoyable, whenever I awake again, leastwise.

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