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Chapter 7 - Horrific Reality

Warmness. I woke up. The sun burned in my eyes. It burned on my skin. I sweat. Calmly I got up, dazed. What a weird dream I had there?! What a pity, I couldn't remember that much. Something adventurous, but possibly it wasn't really exciting… I looked at my hands, the same view as every morning. Boring… Still dazed. I took a look at the clock next to my bed. Half past 7. Standing up and sneaking to the window, watching the daily normalities. A peaceful town, silent streets. Neighbors, strangers, doing there duties and else. Neither chaos, nor fear. I missed something. I need something. I returned and tired I sank down in my bed. Nothing to do yet. Though seriously nothing to lose by staying in my inconveniently warm bed and wasting time. I tended to nap shortly. Dream of something more dramatic. Yeah, that could be right what I need. A piece of hysteria, a couple of trouble. It's only a dream… I napped finally.

The rain brought me back to the real world. It hailed down on my head. Down on my entire body. Cool! Inconvenient! Where am I?!? I lay in a tub, which was half filled with water from rain. My memory rebooted continuously. A bit slowly. I didn't care, slow processing and stuff I was familiar with. That dream was irritating. Mysterious. I didn't get it was a dream. The RC failed. That may happen from time to time, they are not always proof. It was just the image of a normal situation, I experienced earlier. The kind of dreams I mostly had, and never used to have. Me and the tub, were placed behind the shed. My shed, I absolutely earn it to call it my shed. Who placed this heavy bathtub right here? Me! And I had not the necessary to take a bath, without dusting this place for so long. Now I ended here. It wasn't anger what I felt at all. I rose my head and looked up to the clouds. The comfortable weather of the last days has vanished, replaced by dark clouds. And rain. For a whole day it rained to fill the tub. I was sad, not down on the ground, but my feelings expressed somehow, what the dark blue and gray paintings in the sky presented. I would stand it and live on. On the other side it washed away the dust from my shimmering silver-white scales. And a not underestimated amount of worries from my soul. The underestimated power of natural water, maybe. I breathed, enjoying the wind. It was fine. I was up to nap away once more. The thunder cried. Brought me to clearness immediately. The wind strengthened. I loved it, the weak storms. A beauty, way too often not mentioned, not cherished. But this is art. Even darkness, sadness, inconvenience is art, and I enjoyed it in every fiber. This was an interesting chance, I found. Something poked me at my shoulder. A cold shudder ran over my spine. I turned my head. Young Amy kneed next to me, the quilt taken over her head. “Come in, you will get a cold, or even worse!” I didn't thought so. She disturbed me while this amazing moment. Without hurry I laid my head back on the tub's edge and stared at the cloudy sky, following the lightnings. “Hey, come on! It's dangerous!” “You don't see I'm busy?!” Incredible, she don't give that little bit free time. I'm sure, that tricky woman is just intending to pull me out of this and throw me in there, further to enslave me. At least she can't compel me. Amy must ask. Her luck, I'm quite tolerant. At this time extremely patient and tolerant. Thanks to the fresh atmosphere. “In addition a cold or a fever is nothing to bother me. Your argumentation seems irrelevant.” And no taste of art, that youth… “When my parents begin missing me, you know which case could actually happen?” I snored protestingly. She knows how to hold me on a short line! Damn, I must turn that page, in any way. “I know that.” “Then come, please.” “Fine…” She is difficult to stand. Calmly I left the tub, spread my wings in a short range, that the water rained down on the grass. I flapped two times. Amy got some drops on her clothes, well, maybe more than just drops. A little fun for me, justice my cleaning duties. “Oh, please!” She cried. You're welcome. Just an additional feature on her demand watching me taking a bath. Just for her. I grinned shameless. “Be more careful next time, okay?” “Granted. Shall we go in now?! Ladies first.” I said with a gesture. The lady looked around the corner, turned her head and nodded. “I should explain, my parents are not at home right now.” That disturbed me, weirdly. She seemed pretty careful. Why? “Why do we hurry?” “Better we don't risk anything. Here!” And she threw that old quilt to me. Things were getting more humorous. “Seriously, don't overdo it. It's just some meters.” She turned around once more, the famous worries on her face. How I hated that seeing this. And how well she act this. These worries were fake but still I detested it. “Yeah, I do already.” And hanged over the cloth. Obviously there was nobody who saw us. Back in my new home we first inspected the last procedures that I must be done. That means, I did while she looked at me like hypnotized. I rolled me eyes. And she gasped, continuing “Eh, well… I should make your breakfast, shouldn't I…” “Thanks. Some meat would be great this time.” Amy's hair began to stand up. Oh, come on. I was definitely not talking about human meat which she shall know! “Ham or something…” “Yeah, of course!” she driveled and laughed shortly. She is awkward. That's hilarious. And so cute… “Can I ask you a little question?” Seeing such a strong hope in her eyes when spitting out a phrase like this was just so impressive. I still had problems giving these interviews… But only that lady was a talent in convincing me. “Here you go.” “How long can you survive without food?” What an exotic matter. She really was up to question me everything. But how could I question her intentions?! But wait, did it had an other meaning, asking me something in this direction? “Don't tell me I probably have to skip breakfast.” The scares girl jumped back one step. I wondered. Did I appeared so aggressive. I'm so sorry! “I just asked… ”I sighed. “Commonly I have three meals a day, or two… But in worse cases only one. How many days I can live without any food either I can't tell and not interested to find out.” I did it again, I paralyzed her. “I'm sorry if I scared you somehow.” “Ah… so… it doesn't bother you when you have to wait, only a bit?” I knew there was something! “Let me say I sometimes get angry and pretty inpatient when being hungry, to be honest.” The young woman now escaped some more meters to the door. So this is my talent… “It's just parent's are buying provisions right now. There is not much left…” “And not much means what?” Really, I talked silently and peacefully. If I manage to made this even worse, she had to shout it through the door. “Eh! There're still some waffles.” That brought me a big smile. Slowly I needed different food. But who cares… “Why not.” That was a word. She already went along on her quest. It wasn't that bad to carry her this way. Some respect will teach her not to joke with me. Though… I still had an idea but not the chance to it. 'Cause I preferred to do so, not with her eyes on my back. My view fell on the large clock. This may not be such a great problem. There also still was the useful toolbox on the other side. Used and rusted old screw drivers and pieces. I grabbed some and checked the pendulum, opened the clockwork on the back side, tried my best. The simple bug was just a wheel jumped from it's place and object sticking between, nothing broken, luckily. I looked at my claws again and shuddered. Great, when I'm finished she will begging me again to take a bath. Why haven't I done that earlier? At least it's almost complete. One more thing…

Amy showed herself while I fumbled at the pendulum, started it. Afterwards she gasped. The clock worked! Amy was speechless. “Finally this masterpiece is more worthy.” “You are genius!” “Ahh, no. That was nothing. Just fixed one or two thinks.” Amy stepped next to me and did a closer inspection. The time was set already, she controlled it on her watch. “I really needed this, you know.” We changed glances. That was a miserable failure. “You need clocks?” Agony… “That's why you once asked me for the time, right? “…Obviously…” “Excuse me, but that you must explain to me.” I took a deep breath. How exhausting to expose me with simple habits like this. Fine, it's nothing. “See, it's nothing special but a naturally ordered live. I really hate having no plans and no time to hold on. I wonder why you think that may be kinda unusual to me.” “You are a dragon… Or at least something about it, draconic like, reptilian in majority…” She expected my entire body, I exposed somehow.. “Over it, why would being like you cherish clocks, what we humans build?” Not good. She came close to a really dangerous matter. I had to evade as soon as possible. “I just know humans and their technology. There is nothing to explain. Can't we just leave it?” “I don't understand. Sure, I can't know everything about you. But there must be any world where you come from. That is what is stuck in my mind all day. How have you lived yet, survived yet?” “Stop it, please!” So she did. I had my reasons, not to tell her too much. It was cautious, nothing more. “I do not have the pleasure to give you answers, sorry. And I feel we don't have the time.” We looked at the clock. It was almost 11 o'clock. Only some seconds left till the clock stroke a new hour, celebrating with typical clinging bells. The arrow stroke the 12 and nothing happened. No noise. She looked irritated. That was just too predictable. I smiled. “I knew it, you would miss something. The bell that always was part of it.” I walked to the toolkit, grabbed the bell, went to her and showed her the old but intact piece. “This ticking is like hypnotizing music, you know. I love silence though this kind of noise doesn't harm. Only this bell. I needed to replace it. And I hope it's no problem to you.” She understood, too much noise was a terrible factor, even made by a simple clock that commonly jelled frequently. I swore on that peace and failed. “You stupid dragon, always distract and evade.” She whispered with a calm and sad voice. “How can I help you if you don't even let me?” Amy shocked me. She couldn't mean it! “I let you.” “You keep secrets from me which possible are more worth than anything else!” “Don't overdo.” “Why are you not spitting it out! The truth! When will I hear the truth?” In the end she cried. And I roared. Upset. So this was a point. She decided not to give up, until she gets more. And took plenty of options of mine. “I can't, yet…” I whispered. Then silence. A voice from outside brought both of us to frighten. A female voice. “Amy, what's going on?” I stepped back and fell behind the couch. “Do something!” My heart gave everything, I was completely confused, had no idea. Amy switched several times between me and the door, the time was over, she knew. “Wait a moment!” But she didn't waited, just came in. I cursed in the inside, eternally. She never locked the door, still there was no lock at all! I sat behind the couch and hoped, she wouldn't discover me. I hoped it so much. But I knew it would be in vain. She will find me, I was so sure this time will come someday. Amy began, I heard the fear in her voice. And She possibly as well. “Mom, what are you doing here?” “I could ask the same to you.” “It's all fine, please, go!” Failure! Anybody can sense it's a lie! “Your father and me, we were skeptical about this idea, you know that. And don't tell me it's all fine! I heard noises.” Amy was petrified, now by her. I trembled and prayed it would not catch her attention. “So tell me Amy, what is going on here?” I felt it, now there's no way back, we needed to stand it somehow… Finally the little shy girl rose to speak, really silent. “It's a friend, he is hear… in this room…” I prayed her next words were all well chosen. There was maybe a fairy little chance to convince her mother, her parents. “A friend? Where is he?” “He followed me…” “Who?” Amy was silent, stayed silent, no words, not a single. This had no use. Now or never! My mind was clear, no trembling anymore. I breathed deeply. And spoke calmly. “Please, Madam. Don't frighten.” Silence reigned. I praised it heavily. Slowly I got up, folded my wings properly. I stayed ducked a bit, my claws lay peaceful on the backrest of the couch. Their eyes banned on me. Nobody dared to speak. But me. “Trust me, I'm her friend and no menace for anyone. Call me Ventus.”

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