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Chapter 6 - Operation 'Disposal'

My legs lost their strength, I landed on the ground, sitting on the wall. This can't be true. A Deja Vu? Now? Why must this happen right now??? This is a nightmare! A heat surrounded me. I did the Reality Test, just to see how much my claws trembled. My wings trembled. My whole body did. No escape is possible. So what to do? I stared at any detail in the room and had no idea how to get safety. I sat there and feared. This was the case. I denied it, but it came to reality! So I closed my eyes and tried to relax. Thinking that overdriven was absolutely not possible. Maybe I should just accept my destiny. I'm finished. So why don't I just give them what they want?! Yeah, this stupid game found finally it's end. I lost and have to pay.

The door slowly opened and I startled, I haven't been so afraid for a long time. I was close to a heart attack. Amy stood in the door. Nobody else. Great, I knew that scene. This is nothing that shall keep me down. She only woke the beast again. I growled, in either fear or anger. She rapidly closed the door, also afraid. “Please, stop making noises! Calm down!” It worked surprisingly, even just a bit. At this time I spoke silent, but scared of course. “They are hear! You're managing something with them!” Amy was up to talk, which I prevented. My volume increased. “They will get me. Do you even care, what you did? What have I done to deserve this?” “Ventus!!!” And I stopped. Wow! She can roar so well! After a short break, she quickly came closer, but only looked out of the window where I ducked. Than she turned around and sighed reassured. I stared till she began. “What are you freaking out so much?!” Her calmness confused me. “…They…” “'They' are my parents. There is no reason for losing your mind now.” This time my heart definitely skipped, I felt it clearly, so inconvenient. How dump. I haven't expected that point! But… “What do they… your parent know? What did you told? You know it's a far too high risk telling anybody else what's going up here. You told them anything about me…?!” “Oh, no, nothing. Really! See, I had a plan.” That sound not bad, I guessed. “A plan?!?” “Yeah. I told them as following. After inspecting this house…” Amy really said 'house' “…I thought, this finally need a makeover. All the garbage and stuff must disappear. So all the dust have to as well. I told, I would find a good usage for this shed. Maybe as some kind of club or work space in future…” What the hell! That actually was a great plan. “I hope you know what you intend to do this time.” She only nodded. “Keep them away from here, no matter what happens!” “Sure, I toned I absolutely want to make this by my own. An own project. And they agreed.” “They must be so proud of you…” She smiled. Honestly we both smiled, but I didn't mentioned. Energetic how the girl was, she took place in front, posing majestically , looking down on me. “Now this is Operation 'Disposal'.” “Disposal…?” Oh, excellent choice and so witty. “Listen, pal! Let me explain our procedure.” Something was foul about it. I smelled it and her eyes revealed even more. “Step 1: You remove all the dirt and webs.” That's it. I looked with bright eyes. “Wait a moment! You said, you're intending to act by your own!” The tricky girl grinned. “Of course not. Don't you owe me a lot. Think about your new home I gave you and you not even have payed one cent of rent. In exchange you support me.” She giggled amused. I saw, discussing had no good chances. Desperately I inspected my upcoming part of work. “Aww, fine. And further?” “Step 2: You place any heavy and useless furniture close to the door. Well… then you could clean up a bit more…” Almost she got me speechless. “You're kidding me!” “Seriously, I can't hove all that, I'm too weak, unlike you. For a dragon it shouldn't be such a big prob .” “And what do you save me? I mean, what's your task?” “I manage the operation. And it's hard work, you know.” I sank my head and grinned sadly. “You are a slave driver.” I murmured. “Let's see…” Cool, her list of actions stopped here, so it seemed. Amy inspected all the boxes with dunno what's inside, potential useless wooden waste, rusted material… Who even spares those kind of junk in sheds?! And for what reason? Her look fell on the couch, the same time as I did. She answered faster. “Yeah, your bed can stay a bit longer. I know you like it.” To say, I like it was not that correct. It was not bad and the better option than using the ground. So I nodded. But I kept in mind, I should improve it as quick as possible. One corner was a collection of some cupboards and chairs. And there was something quite interesting! Amy distracted. “Okay, I would say, we could start so far. I'll return shortly, just look for some equipment. You wait. And be quiet!” “Of course.” First Amy took a look outside at the window. Nobody was in sight. “You may keep an eye, too. In worse cases, it's not me, who shows off here. Than hide anywhere!” Sigh. “Got it!” Finally she disappeared, closed the door and left me alone. I remembered suddenly, the door was never completely 'closed'. I shall give her an advise. A lock is necessary. Then I got up. One interesting object caught my attention. Something I haven't seen previously somewhere behind the furniture. Secretly I preferred the plan to skip Step 1, so I did. Naturally, the wooden cupboards where no problems. Luckily I managed moving them without making too much noises and placed everything on the opposite of the corner, right next to the door. And I saw right. Behind the broken chairs and stuff, there stood a marvelous grandfather's clock. With classy ornaments cut of a dark kind of wood. It was clear it doesn't work anymore. I never heard it ticking. But still I could prove myself by fixing it. But when thinking about defective clocks… how much time has past yet?! She may be back anytime. And I proved I was right. I turned around and heard silent steps. While entering, Amy ran against the tower of chairs, my creation. It stand it. And the young woman cursed like a pirate. Oh, damn! “I'm sorry. Are you okay?” She nodded and inspected the changes in this room. Sure, first she was irritated, than she understood. “Well, that goes too. Thanks.” She just smiled though the whole work wasn't even done. Virtuously as I am, I decided not to protest anymore and just swallow it. This have to be done and a gentleman avoids letting ladies like her doing such activities. And I like thinking positive that way. “But somehow I should carry all this away” She thought loudly. True, that was something when I can't assist her, unfortunately. “Later, perhaps.” I answered. Than she looked at me, wondering. Me next to the clock. I forgot to replace it?! Nope. Amy came closer. “What's with that large clock?” “Isn't this beautiful?!” Yeah, but sadly it doesn't work anymore. But you're right. It is a cool decoration.” She smiled. “Good, this can stay.” Somehow she surprised me, giving me right that fast. She added “I see you have an interesting taste…” “Hm… Interesting is such a word…” “Unless you love it, I can't throw it away, just like that.” Wasn't saying 'love' a bit overrated?! And I disbelieved her parents would accept wrecked and useless stuff in a cleaned up house as this is gonna be. “I believe it's not a great problem if someone try to repair it. This piece is possibly more worth as it looks like, but not in this condition.” I commented. “You think so? But I fear I don't have the bucks to call some service to do so. And my parents mostly don't care about those things. Better remove it and buy knew furniture, you know.” That was a point. Luckily we shared the same intention. “Good… Some boxes and chests I have to move. And a crappy old bathtub.” They stood in another corner where I gazed at. “Seriously, what was all that metal sheets and more junk supposed to? Your dad constructed something?” “No idea. Actually I never asked him. Next time that I see him I should do.” First she kinda investigated the boxes, Then I grabbed a first one and placed at the door. “One of the chest seems to contain tools, screw drivers and so on, old but still functional. That should stay for a while, I guess. Who knows?!” “Okay…” Again Amy planned quickly. I replaced the next box, the last with junk. “I brought some water and cloths.” And Amy wasted no time and gave me all that, right into my arms. I lamented. “I feel kinda misused, girl.” “Come on, it's just a bit dust. Don't cry.” “I don't cry!” I began what needed to be done. For god's sake, she left the room. While finishing this dirty work I realized, cleaning everything, the floor, the walls, as proper as possible… And my lovely large clock. In the end it took me less time than cleaning my old home, at least. Maybe an hour, but how could I know, the clock still didn't work. Though it had one pro having a rotten old shed like this. I was incautious, how natural. A couple of mistakes I did, not the cleaning. I was amazed how much this little detail made this home a little bit more attractive. But I hummed! Again. And when I was done, I carelessly inspected my claws, dusty claws. And Amy sensed it all. She already stood right behind me and smiled. She scared me when taking the word. “You continuously hum something. What kind of songs are these. And no excuses!” “Eh!” She's right. “I guess it's not your taste of music. I mean pretty nobody like such music.” Oh my gods. Her eyes suddenly got a sharp glance. “And if you guess wrong?!” I was silent. “The last song you sang, tell me the title, please! I'm sure I heard it somewhere.” Once more I had to thought it over. The last song I hummed seemed to be… “Deceiver.” Damn it, I spoke it out! Silence… “You know that?!” Amy thought for some seconds. Until she answered. “I don't think so… Why deceiver?!” That was an astonishingly good question… “It's just a metal song, okay?!” Silently I hoped that would give her enough. Wrong! “Another subject. Why are you frequently looking at your claws???” …Fuck! “Let me call it a weird habit…” “Aha…” Not enough, definitely not enough. I spoke further “Above all I detest having dirty claws like this.” I demonstrated, holding against her. She looked interested, then completely fascinated, not 'cause of the dust of course. I sank my hands. And sighed deeply, rolled my eyes. Then the girl just stroke over the hard scales on my breast, I couldn't react timely. And she had a marvelous thick layer of dirt on her finger. Both me and her shuddered. With a quite interesting look, she stared at the retro bathtub, looked at me again and grinned sneaky. My dear desperation came over me, a cold shudder. Lady, I imagine well what you're thinking right now! Oh please, forget it!

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