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Chapter 5 - Twisted Truth

That was unpleasant. Scared I almost jumped from the couch. The bullet did not kill me! The shock didn't as well. But the shock felt like being in hell. Luckily only for a short terrible time. I stared at the ground and breathed. Breath techniques to reassure. My claws have bored into the seat. So, this must be a natural reaction when frightening? Interesting… My wings have trembled heavily. I breathed more slowly. The air seemed unnaturally warmed up. Did I produce fire or did I just imagined? And when thinking about imagining… What is real after all??? My claws! I observed them carefully. A second time. A third time. So much happened. I realized, this was no dream. Not anymore. The last two 'experiences' were dreams. And surprisingly the last one was so realistic. Extremely! I couldn't remember, when I had such a breathtaking, realistic dream for the last time. It was confusing. It was scary. There was no traces of revealing signs, showing me it was only an unreal world, created by my disturbed mind. Wrong, there've been signs! Not the missing clock, not the never ending night. But there was no blood… The world colored black, how ordinary. And the irritating doubt, how could I neglect the signs? There was no music. But still. Was it normal to remember so much while sleeping? Not in my opinion. It's over, cool down! Just leave it. Light shined through the window. So it was morning. Finally. But this has cons too!

The door opened, while I was up to get up. The worst moment when this could happen. I fell on the floor 'cause of the panic. This may be anybody. Good, Amy just stood there. And I had nothing better to do but grumbling silently. Sighing would be such much better, so why couldn't I. I sank down, said no word, concluded I am definitely incredible. Incredibly impolite! She did not betray me. She did not came in the attempt to scare me. She promised just to return and giving me some food. And drinks, I hoped. Wait, have she even brought something? I looked closer. She did! The girl carried a classic old basket, filled with… don't no what. Amy did it and I act like a monster. I should shame! She hesitated. Of course. Who is frightening whom?! It's time to make it right. Try to settle this. “It's fine.” Amy did two steps, then asked. “You really stay lying on the floor? It looks inconvenient.” “Eh… Well, it's fine I said… You got something?” Immediately Amy placed provisions on the ground, presented her goods. “I wasn't even sure what you eat.” That explained the raw meat, sealed in plastic. The second option were waffles. Awesome! “It's not much, I know.” She told me. “Anything eatable to you?” “…Oh, yeah. The waffles will do. But steak and similar meats I prefer well done, or medium rare at least.” The third object was a thermos can. “It's some water. I mean, any being drinks water!” “Well… true. By the way. Did anybody mentioned your operation? Or anything going up here?” “No, nobody did. I told, you can trust me, you forgot?!” “Yeah… One more thing. How late is it.” I needed to know it now. I really needed! Amy wondered. Dragons need to know the exact time?! I do! She looked at her watch. Heaven, she had a watch! “It's some minutes past 8. Why do you ask? “ An intact clock! Shall I ask her to give me that?! But she asked first. “Don't tell me you have to go now!” Damn! She caught me! Don't I wanted that all the time? Impolite, completely impolite! “Wha… What, no, I don't have to…” She relaxed. My gods, was I that important to her? Appeared so. What a question. Why else would she do all the things. Suddenly my heart skipped a beat. Important to her? Can that girl see me blushing? “You know, 'they' are still anywhere out there?! At such a time these bastards would find you in a jiffy!” Touché! But by streaking that theme, they… There was one more question. Dare to talk to her about that? I was helpless. Again. “Amy…” “Yes?” That is hard. Is it a good idea to speak? Is it a good moment? We looked at each other. For a while. Don't know how long that moment longed. Oh, come on. Spit it out! “Um…” Amy waited for the answer. I saw it in her eyes. Embarrassing… “…are you…” She waited. “…are you believing this may be a dream?” Her surprised face was so predictable. I knew she would react that way. She expected I would ask her anything but such a hilarious question. I regretted what I did. Should I really make it that hard to her and wait till she answers?! She will not answer on such a weird action. Amy will definitely block with an own question. Which question?! That is her problem right now. Wait for it… “What???” Classic… “What do you mean?” I didn't know how to explain. Not then. Cause I also forgot another variable. My question let too much space for imaginations. Fuck! She could think anything. What is she believing what I mean with the word 'dream'? I looked on the floor. This relation between us is something fragile… And I really intend to keep it that fragile, this relation shall not go the wrong way! She had to continue. “You had a terrible nightmare, didn't you?” I looked up, right into her eyes. Impressive! That girl was even smarter than I thought. Amy caught me napping! “How do you… How can you know that?” “I just saw it. The way you acted previously… And you still look tired and exhausted. Oh, and having chasers behind you would generally cause nightmares, right?!” “Right.” But she had not enough, indeed. “So even beings like you dream while sleeping?!” Now this nice part starts again… I successfully avoided rolling my eyes. “What are you dreaming about?” Now it's too late for excuses. “Let's say… normal things. Moments like reality is, primarily. And sometimes phantasms…” “But that nightmare. What was it? What happened?” That was the sentence I feared she would ask. After all her benefits and worries, I couldn't tell her, what kept me busy. The fact that she has the force to deceive me. Or even the will. There was still no guaranty. I almost forgot it, almost. “They found me…” “Oh…” Amy was worried again, but quickly sensed this disturbs me even more and added “Well, moreover it was just a stupid nightmare, you know. Lucky you.” That was scary. That phrase. It was better not to waste many thoughts about that. I sighed, got up finally and sat down on the couch. More convenient than lying on the dirty wooden ground. Amy did the same. Something more… She had a secret, a little one. “You observed me while sleeping, didn't you?” “Eh…” She tried to hide a smile.”Um, yes…” “It's okay, understandable.” I said cool. Slowly she began to giggle. “Yeah. Guess, I couldn't resist.” Her giggle grew to a laugh. I looked desperate. “You looked so sweet.” She can not be serious! What is wrong with that girl?!? Honestly, I found that funny, a bit. But I gave my best not to show her that. It won't be helpful. “Okay, that's all.” She didn't laugh anymore. If I just could be done with that all… One more thing. When will I reach a final matter?! “Amy.” “Yes?” I was up to say something, when she beat me to it. “Don't you eat that?!” And pointed at the waffle in my claws. Oh, hell! When have I taken it? No idea. And forgot to invigorate all the time. She keeps me so distracted! “Ah, that, yes!” First I intended to take a bite but stopped immediately. “Amy…” There was no time anymore. My patience was over. I took a good look on her eyes. “I want to know the truth!” She paled a nuance. “The truth?” “Your intention, your aim. Your nature and motivation…” She was speechless. “Your love of dragons is true, there's no doubt about it. You find me interesting? Or even cute? You don't fear me, never. Any ordinary human would possibly do, won't hesitate to sell me, to betray me and extinct me from this world. You Don't!” I stood in front of her, didn't mention when I got up. “You're not ordinary. You found me before any harmful subject did. Lucky you. Or was I the lucky one?! Perhaps I'm done when having no shelter like this shabby, dirty little shed. Perhaps I can live here for month, for years, nobody knows. I don't know. What do You think?” Amy looked at the floor. Wasn't that usually my act?! “What did you thought when I sat in that tree, above your head? Above your imaginations. And you, nothing in hands but trust and fascination.” I did it, though I never wanted. Amy was so desperate. “Was I the dream You always had?!” That was a really abstract thought I regretted. My voice sounded cold, a bit reproachful. That went totally wrong! I folded my wings again. Wait, when did spread them? Ouch! That must appear too intimidating to her. Calm I finished. “Understand. I'm grateful. But confused as well. And feel helpless after all.” While strolling to the window I inspect my claws. “Nightmare…” A clear view, no wrong count of fingers. This was pretty real. Amy shall not get to know about the meaning of this. I further keep it a secret how all that possibly happened to me. This is far more destructive. She spoke. “It is the truth…” I turned around and she added. “You are right, I like dragons. I had so much luck to find you. To be honest, I had no concrete idea what to do. This seemed to be the best solution.” “I don't doubt…” “You're right, you don't deserve this, living among of dust and junk. I would offer so much more if I could…” “You did, what you're forced to do. And I cherish it.” “This place is not as save as I always told you, that's true. They will find you, if they search good enough. I was so naive.” “That risk will ever last.” We took a little pause. I almost whispered the next sentences. “Your risk is it, that makes me feel insecure, too. You're also in danger, don't you see that?” “I see… And I don't care! I will stand by you.” I said no more words. It was her decision. Amy was honest. And she took the duty to give her live for my safety. Thinking of the last dream of mine it caused stomach-ache. Now I had to stand it. I sat down again and breathed deeply. “Thank you, Amy.” Now I started to eat the waffle. Amy got up. It looked as if she could fly. Her motivation returned fast. She surprised me once more, which let me smile. “What are you doing now?” “Gathering more food. I will see what I can do.” She smiled too. No answer from me. She also told silent “I still have some questions…” True, I'm the mystery here and I shall keep this in mind. The next Interview gets more difficult. So much fun! “… but later.” Amy wanted no answer. She stormed to the door and left. That was energetic. That was fine. She had no big problems swallowing this. I needed to open her eyes, keeping this as realistic as it is. This was still a serious venture. I can trust her.

The waffle was great, a sweet simple meal was the right thing, right now. But also a bit dry. Marmalade or Nutella would be awesome in addition. Why didn't I asked her for that. But I barely had a chance to, as fast as she was gone. And something else but water… Enough sitting. While humming another melody I gave up finding something entertainment in here before I began searching. I grabbed the can and drank a swallow of precious tap water. When taking a look out of the window, the can fell out of my claws, hit on the wooden floor. That can't be true! Amy stood outside, having a conversation with two persons.

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