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Chapter 4 - Unpleasant Outcome

I opened my eyes. Still tired I was. And I suddenly felt unsettled, completely unsettled! Only darkness around me but the table in front of me. I was sitting in front of that table made of black glass and a familiar dragon statue on it. All that was illuminated by a little candle between me and the dragon. Just a statue… Nothing unnatural. Then again these goddamn doubts! The statue began moving. It teetered the head around like being bored or thinking while I left irritated. He smiled, no, he grinned suspiciously! But said nothing. I swore it had something to spit out, but stayed silent. What is it? I want to know! The dragon smiled even more deviously. Tricky… Why is he doing that? I know he can talk! Why isn't he doing? What's the secret? I inspected my hands. Just two normal hands with five fingers each. Nothing special. And there was no clock around to check the time… The dragon statue still grinned and nerved, not stopping to look at me. My hands flickered for an instant. I astonished. A dream, a lucid dream, again?!? No memories else. Once more I considered my friend. What to do? Becoming this? It spoke, a silent breathing voice. “Lucky you.” He may be right. Actually I've no idea. But I believed it so far, no matter what it was talking about. My concentration moved to the candle, no clue for what reason. I aimed to manipulate anything. So why not fire? The whole glass shattered heavily, the flame died like hit by strong blows from various directions and really everything fell into darkness.

How long did I sleep? The first intention after waking up, weird, indeed. I blamed myself for sleeping. Don't I wanted to wait for Amy? Or provisions? Guess I just napped a short time, she never came and there was nothing eatable around. Honestly I only didn't see something like that. But the girl would not hide anything here and let me search, ridiculous! No, she needed more time. Or got a problem?! I'm finished if her parents suddenly came across. Shouldn't they find it completely unnatural? Their daughter goes for a little walk and doesn't come back? It should be around midnight or early mourning and she returns. They would think what she did all the time, what was that important. Maybe they saw her entering this wooden something and find it strange. She must have a shit load of luck, not being discovered. Possibly Amy have done that for the last years. Often enough. She should teach me!

At this time I just noticed it was still dark outside. Did she go only a few minutes ago? Goddamn, I need a watch, a clock. Wasn't my last one defective?! Anyways… Where is this brat. What is she doing. I hope she hasn't done a mistake. Betrayal? No! Don't think that! Don't be pessimistic. And don't panic, don't! Not again, please. Still I sat on the couch. Sadly I had only two options: Waiting awake or asleep. No lust for sleeping and no patience for waiting. I sighed. Why do I generally see that as a terrible habit? I jumped from the couch. There was that plan left. My Plan B. My escape. Guess I should call it 'escape' cause living that way wasn't what I tended to do. I'm not a pet… or something. Sure, there was no guaranty, what she really wanted. But I preferred following my instincts. And they cried for leaving. Now!!! I was confused. Leave? Stay? I decided to give her one last chance. If she comes immediately, I will not go. Maybe 5 minutes.

Right, there was a small window. How I always get this so late… Take a look? Why not?! I was not optimistic. Seeing her right in this moment was unrealistic, I thought. There was nothing else to lose, I took a look. I saw her… Amy stood not close to the shed. She wasn't alone, no she had a silent discussion with three more guys. Did I see right? My stomach started to rebel. This couldn't be true. I sat down quickly, pressed my body against the wall. And tried not to go crazy. Also I breathed carefully. Who are they? What is she telling them? Everything, a lie. Expect what she will tell me. But one thing was clear. Plan B forfeited, strictly! They all would discover me, while fleeing. Even Amy's nice cover quilt is no help.

Amy opened the door. Of course I startled, that was natural, thinking of this situation. Now the girl's first words are important. I guessed she chose them pretty carefully this time. She looked tired, excited. Sad, somehow. Please, no! I grumbled she shall stay back, good for both of us. But she didn't think so. She ignored my warnings, walked slowly in my direction, her right hand aiming at me. “Calm down, just calm down”she whispered. I didn't. This was foul, I smelled. Than she stopped, shook her head slightly. She started to cry. “I'm so sorry… Really!” Still whispering. I saw it coming. That girl really did it! No mercy! I stood up, faster than she can follow, grumbled even more aggressive. Amy fell down to the ground, she was petrified, lay in front of me, completely scared. I said only one word. The last word. “Why???” It surprised her, but the answer had to wait. 'They' came already. I was faster, jumped over the girl and ran to the door. The first armed bastard came in at the perfect moment. I tackled him against the next wall, took his rifle, smashed the handle in his face. Fainted. And he was unarmed. Instead I was. Two bastards left. Or more? The inside of the shed was almost completely dark, they can't see me. And had no night vision. Fools! But they were armed.

With hate I looked at Amy, she still cried. No mercy? So I held my rifle on her head, grumbled again. “No! I regret what I did!” She deserved this. I had no other choice!

“Get up, now!” She was surprised. When will she not be that?! I grabbed her arm and pulled her up, still holding the weapon on her head. “And now follow me, no buts!” She obeyed. Good, so far. We passed the door. The next two armed guys awaited us already. But they waited. “She's my hostage! Keep away and let me go. I would hate having to repeat.” They didn't move. Nothing signed a retreat of them. Why don't they go?! Are they that reckless, letting her die here, just because of me? This is not fair! Once arrived in such a misery, I fail. One other try. There must be a way out! Hang in! “Disappear or I can't grant for her live!” They ain't not listening. This is a nightmare. My last chance and everything in vain. Somehow there must be a way! “I send her to heaven, you listen?” Right after telling this, one of them opened the fire. One shot and Amy gasped. She didn't cry. She said nothing. All she did, was sinking down. Not conscious, or even lifeless… I got desperate. That was totally wrong. She shall live. Because of me she died. The poor girl lost her live while trying to help me. What in the world went so wrong? What??? A second shot. A second hit. Pierced my stomach. I felt it, not clearly, but I felt it. Weird. Was that pain? Was that the shock? This is not fair! I just wanna live! I dreamed, I experimented. And this is what I deserve. Destiny… What a nightmare… I weakened, fell on my knees. This damned bastards came closer. Still targeting there guns at me. Is that, what they wanted? They wanted me dead. They saw a danger in me. I knew that. A too high risk for keeping me alive. Not acceptable., of course. The world around me colored one nuance deeper. A terrible sinister gray. There was no power to continue. Game Over. Only the tolerance in letting finish their work. Fine… The one who shot the girl aimed for my head now. I smiled. He does what I did on her. I inspected her but couldn't carry that look. They better make it quick. I even began to see everything in pitch black. What a nightmare… Then he shot!

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