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Chapter 3 - Certain Path

Hasty I ripped off that nasty cloth, luckily without ripping apart. The girl already walked some meters but now looked at me with a questioning expression. “What are you waiting for? And better use this camouflage.” “This is what you call camouflage? Useless!” “It is better than nothing. Listen, do you really wanna be found by them?” For a while we just looked at each other. And I gave up first. I sighed. “Fine, as you wish…” True, if these guys, whoever they are, find us this quilt won't be enough for distracting them. How blind shall they be?

Half an eternity we passed a deep forest. It seemed so weird. Were does she lead me to? What was she looking here? What does she all knows? Indeed that woman is totally strange. And I sighed again. At least she knew were to go… well, I hoped so. Kept in thoughts and amazed by the sight in the night I began humming silently a melody… The whole day's a nightmare. Armed forces chasing me. But the girl? How's even her name? I looked at her. She looked at me all the time and I didn't notice. Excited I stopped. “That song, what is it?” she asked. The second thing I didn't get at this short moment. So I thought it over for a second. It was an orchestral part of… 'Beauty of the Beast'! Awkward! “Eh… You possibly don't know it. But tell me, who are you? Actually I don't know anything about you.” Suddenly she gasped, shocked. “Oh, I apologize! Of course. It's Amy… But you haven't introduced yourself as well…” So awkward! I am incredible! The pause stretched continuously. I just can't tell her my real name, better not. Nickname? Which nickname??? “I'm Ventus. That's it.” And I did not expect her next reaction. For hours my live became more and more serious, I wondered how I can even stand this. Stress is a thing I have problems to handle with. More than other people. But now that she heard this, she started laughing loudly, letting me stand there totally confused. “That is a… weird name!” Surely Amy wanted to say stupid or shitty, I guessed. She continued. “Who in the world gave you such a name?” If I could blush, it would. Maybe I even did… “I did.” She still laughed! “Come on, it's not a bad name.” So I waited till Amy calmed down.

Right, I didn't see that coming. But one thing was clear. She did something worthy to me, just by this little pointless reaction. She took a piece of strain. We walked on. The cover I still carried wasn't that nervy anymore. I didn't change my opinion, it is useless to me. I didn't care. We passed nothing but barely touched woods. The moon already replaced the sun so this is one pro. The sky looked exactly like at the last nights. A good count of clouds, clear sky and a sickle shaped moon. Do I dare calling this a sign? For what? And every time I got distracted, she spectacled and wondered, thinking, wath is that weird beast thinking? Sometimes she's okay, sometimes she nerves… “You… you can really fly?!” That was a bit too much. But I said it calmly. “Haven't you seen that in television or something?! My wings are not only decorations.” Amy was amazed, I could understand it but hoped she will finally leave it as it is. Wrong… “Can I touch them?” That was even harder! I halted and looked desperately. She saw it. I just took a deep breath, marched on and said “No.” Amy needs borders. Better say we need one. “Well…” I talked “Where are we going? Is it really safe?” “Don't worry, it is as safe as Fort Knox.” And she grinned. What a bad joke…

The woods reached it's end so we stopped and hided behind the last trees. We could see some houses belonging to a small village in front of a small meadow. Didn't know how it was called. I had no interests in knowing neighbor villages. Light shined through windows. At least some of them. The society's still awake. No one outside for a little walk walk or something. It seemed peaceful. I didn't trust that peace, couldn't tell why. All my trust lay on Amy. She inspected the village in front as carefully as I did. All I hoped was that she absolutely knows what she's doing. And how carefully she plans. This is serious! “Good. Come!” She whispered. The fact, that she already whispered disturbed me, gave me the feeling being close to danger. “It's not far.” The girl reassured. Naturally we avoided taking the streets but sneaked at the backsides and in the shadows. My heart beat like crazy I even heard it. With fear I permanently looked around for observers. I'm driving crazy! I thought so. Out of a sudden Amy grabbed my right arm, let me startle. I was ashamed, seeing the worry in her face. Worries about me. Distractive. At this short moment I forgot any invisible observer. All I sensed were her worries. Just for a short moment. Yeah, I was so ashamed. Again she managed to take some stress of me. My heart still hammered but I also felt it will normalize soon enough. Amy said no word, no wonder while I probably started panicking. Now we truly needed to bring it on. Moving on! So I whispered “It's okay…” She was not convinced, still the girl was silent. “I'm fine. Please, guide me!” Finally she did what I wanted.

Only a few minutes we sneaked then and reached the goal. It was just another apartment like any other in this village. We were located at the backside and sat on grass. This is not Fort Knox. But that was not the point. I believed this all was a terrible failure. What have I expected the whole time? Now I need to know! “You live here.” She nodded. Then I asked “Alone?” Surprised she looked at me. I knew it! Amy wasn't that young but the chance was too great she live with her parents. Young women generally don't own such houses. Now she planned holding me in an apartment together with family and fellows. And I feared they all were prepared like finding a burglar inside of the worlds best guarded facility. Fort Knox is nothing, this carelessness forms the true joke.

Unbelievable how relaxed Amy was after all. “Trust me, nobody will find out nothing.” “Wish I could be that optimistic…” The girl showed herself thoughtful. She chose her words carefully, turned around and went, wanted me to follow. “Right, it won't be easy. But listen, you don't must fear. Here you are safe.” Slowly I hated that word. 'Safe'. A lie in itself. Or am I just a pessimist?! Only a couple of meters and we halted again. She showed me my new home which was unnecessary. I guess right after discovering it. Next to her home lay a small wooden shed. Somehow I expected something like this, somehow I refused. This little brat found me and I followed. Now she had her good dog matching to this rotten kennel. Why didn't I stay at my beloved beech?!? Veto! But on the other hand I decided, so I have to accept my destiny. I've been polite enough not to protest. I've could doing it at any time…

Now Amy looked more happy. She did it. I'm sure she thought so and that was all that counts. She opened the never locked shed. I could swear the door almost fell apart. All wood was old and shabby, all iron rusted. And the nails looked like even weak forces could pull them out. A force like… don't know. Also I don't wanted to find it out. What in the world did she think. At the opened door she waited for me to enter. “Nobody have been in here for…” I looked at her. Sure the answer won't convince me. “…around 4 month I guess.” “Right” I said. I wasn't convinced. All inside the shed looked like estimated. A small window let in only a bit light. Furniture, covered by endless layers of dust. Spider webs blocked all ways. Garbage, everywhere. Indeed in corners lay some sacks filled with garbage next to metallic junk. Such a mess. And my intensive will of living in clean places cried for running away. I only waited for her to say “This is your new home.” So she did! Suddenly I got toothaches. Shall I run?! No, be polite and stand it! I mentioned not having said a word for a long time. Amy would get worried again. I better say something… But had no idea. Thankfully she rose to speak. “You need something? I can't show myself here really often, you know.” Funny, Amy needed to remind how hungry and thirsty I was. “Something eatable, no matter what.” “Okay, I return as soon as possible.” She said while I inspected the room again, thinking where to nestle. I shuddered. Amy shut the door behind me and I roared shortly. The door just clamped my tail. Even this I didn't really mentioned. I forgot too much by all the today's stress. My scaly hands for example. Never I decided to give up this experiment. Still everything was like it should be. No dream. But I feared my live slowly approximates a dream. This little adventure is not over but the last hours were kinda unrealistic. Life isn't that hasty, fast. Or I just never shared this from different people. I rubbed my eyes. Additionally I forgot how tired I am. A ruinous couch stroke my eye. Much better than nothing. I ignored my habit first to sit and went a lie down, I needed that. How late is it? Terrible, I have no clock. Oh, fuck it, just wait till she brings some provisions. But how long will she stay back? No idea. Just wait! So I did. I lay, employed a wing as bad cover. Surprisingly it was pretty convenient. Not the situation. Amy thinks of me as her pet or what is she doing? This definitely can't continue that way. There must be an other way! And I need to walk that path alone! I thought. But at the moment it was not that gravid. Just see how well Amy is doing. At least this little woman never looked like attempting to betray me. Why would she… Before I got an answer I fell asleep. I don't wanted but that's the cost of too much stress and exhaustion. This way to rest seems certain. And sometimes fatal.

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