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Chapter 2 - Game Starts

First thing I saw was the clock, which showed half past 7. At morning. I quickly jumped out of my bed, thought I'm pretty late and really need to go now. But I got, it's still holidays, so I sighed, looked to the window. And finally inspected my hands. The look of the white claws froze my blood. I was nothing but confused, stormed right to the bath room and looked at the mirror. And I was completely sure this was definitely no dream. In them, slit shaped eyes, sharp teeth and horns never looked that realistic. Also the memories of the last day returned. But when this all was real, what did I dream? Nothing, black emptiness, a mental vacuum!

Honestly, you dream every time you sleep but in some cases you just forget it all. This was such a typical case. “Damn!” I looked at my hands again… I meant claws. Senseless. Come up with this! Eat something and relax. I tried to reassure.

Some things never change. Like Nutella for breakfast. And the weird habit to sing, whenever nobody listens. “…all you ever desired, you wanted to be…” I couldn't know this was a great mistake right then! I placed the plate with bread on the table, turned on the PC. “…but only a dream.” Seeing my beloved consoles made it hard to resist. A good old game in the meantime…? Right in this moment the doorbell ringed, let me start at the sound. And I cursed silently. I didn't count on somebody to come at this time. Without making a noise I walked to the door. In vain I hoped he – or they – believe nobody's here. “Please, open the door, I know you're home.” I cursed myself. He heard me. What to do now? Improvise! “I can't! I'm naked, you know.” Great Idea! I looked down on me and surprised I realized, I was so right. I haven't even noticed, but who cares, I'm not really human. Than I looked through the spyhole. In fact, it was the lessor. Not good! “5 minutes.” he said and went away. He can not be serious. What's that urgent? I felt so sick. He possibly throw me out. Why, I always paid the fee, didn't vandalized… At least I had some minutes. This is no solution, but at least a bit. I returned to the living room and took a bread, took a big bite. Where to get a solution right now. He will come back, so how to manage this situation? And why is he disturbing me today? A terrible fear suddenly grew on me. I turned on the TV. The news broadcasted about alleged dragon sightings. No way! I switched. All news did. Police cars and more already approached, when I took a look out of my window. Petrified. How dumb was I?! It knocked heavily, afraid I turned around. “Come out, now!” They can't really believe in those fairy tales?! Ridiculous! “No!” What are they thinking?! I was not sure why, but again I inspected my claws. I could swear to waste a thought to kill! “No!” And again. I spoke it out loudly. “Surrender!” “Never!” What the hell am I doing?!

Next things were inevitable. They smashed the door. “Don't move!” But I already bend out of the opened window and was ready. The crowd out there made me insecure. I had to, so I jumped and tried to rise rapidly. God damn, where to go? Cause I had no plans, I orbited the 11-leveled building and landed on the roof. Out of harm's way… for now. There must be an other place! Think! “You're surrounded!” One of them shout via megaphone. Think faster! The lid behind me opened. What a shame, I forgot that entrance. “Give up!” He holded a rifle, a superior grade I determined. I walked backwards right to the edge. “Don't move!” He aimed for me. A totally strange and paralyzing feeling. Move! I dumped down and his shot neglected. By spreading the wings I quickly rotated and got away of that place. The audience congealed, everyone gasped. They saw a beast. I understood, I don't belong here. I need to disappear! Still no idea where to go to. Just straightforward, right to the deep lying sun. I chose this direction to make it harder for them to chase me. I absolutely blew it. I'm a prey in this world. Do they see a hazard in me? Possibly. And I can't talk to them normally. What a blessedness, the town is surrounded by nature. Great areas of meadows and woods. An excellent place to hide. I crossed a field and luckily drew closer to the forests where I landed. Hide, anywhere! And fast I found a superb beech to climb in. So I did without hesitation. Funny. As a child I never climbed on trees. How ironic… Once I reached an acceptable height I laid down on a greater branch and calmed down. Odd to thank heavens for a simple tree. But eventually I got some peace and time to plan. I could live in the wilds. Where it's more warm in lousy seasons. Maybe far more in the south of Europe… I shook my head. Do I look like a migration bird?! Hmm… Didn't I thought yesterday, I could need some help?! Also hilarious! I can't trust a singe human. Too risky.

At this point I was clueless. Again I looked at my claws, gazed my wings in amazement. True, sometimes I really don't know what I want. What I tried to prevent is taking a nap. But while lounge around and enjoying the fresh air I couldn't resist.

I woke up, slowly. The light blinded. Like it always does. How late is it? No clock next to me. Fumbling I tried to find something and didn't even find a ground. I opened my eyes and found myself still sitting in the beech. Cause of the shock I almost lost balance. After a short time I ventured to breath again. Mechanically I looked at my claws and registered I had none of them. I had hands. Human hands! I was normal, like before. How have I done that? Impossible. Of course I examined my body as well. I smiled, finally something weird like this happens to me. Everything seemed to be fine… Not really. The leafs colored black, pitch black. The light dulled slowly. I was definitely ill-fated, the branch broke suddenly and I dropped down. The ground came closer and I…

I startled, turned around and bored my claws into the tree's periderm, preventing me from falling down. “A nightmare…” I hanged there, completely shocked. I breathed. And shout out my anger through the entire woods. “HOW I DETEST THIS!!!” I scrambled back on the branch. “That always happens in nightmares!” I told myself. Right after then the branch broke. Luckily my wings kept me from falling. Some flaps and I sat down on an other one. Not easy inside of a beech, really! I grumbled. The day can't become even worse! The sun tended to sink. And the cold wind blew inconveniently.

“Oh my god.” A girl on the roots discovered me! That beats everything! I grumbled once more. But she didn't seem to frighten. Shit! She stays. Possibly, by doing nothing, she gets bored and disappears. “I won't harm you.” I knew that. “You can come down.” Hmm… What the hell does she want from me?! Surely not meeting me for dinner and ending as the dessert. I took a closer look. The girl was actually a young woman, cute but not a child. She had brown hear and a slim face. She wore an old quilt or something, covering her from the wind. “Please!” She started to nerve. “I know you can speak.” Enough! “Go!” I told her. Now she looked more than surprised. “Just leave me alone, right!” “I know they wanna catch you. Soon they'll come!” She cried. So she caught me napping, and continued. “Come down, please!” She wanna help me?! I was distracted. Guess I had no better chances. I chanced it and jumped down. She was petrified again. “Why?” “I saw it in the news. Who knows what they're intended to do on you. I don't want it!” “You bring yourself in danger! What about that?!” “I don't care. Now take that” She threw the quilt over my head, I kinda entangled. She really meant to disguise me by that loppy piece of cloth?! “And now follow me!” I couldn't see a thing.

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