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Chapter 12 - At Zero

The whiteness vanished. The haze was gone, so fast. I was confused, this clarity came so quickly. I lay in my bed. I sweated. Yeah, like the last time I woke up. It's pretty the same situation. Wait, that was real! That one dream inside the dream. Indeed. And I did not even get that this normal scene happened in reality. How dump. Or is this just another dream? How can I be that sure? So I inspected my hands. Right, human hands, And five fingers on each side. This should tell me that I am not asleep. Can I trust it? Because there have been a couple of dreams that showed me similar signs. To be unsuccessful is nothing that should bother me too much. Though I have to be sure this time. I got up, strolled to the window ahead, looked out. The daily happenings I was used to. The passerby, the vehicles which parked next to the small field in front of the building, the sunny weather. But how late is it? So I turned back to my bed and took the clock. It was 12. Again I slept for so long. Nerved I breathed first. So also the time seems to be correct. I stared at my hands once more, and once more, nothing special. I ran into the bath, without turning on the light. Also the mirror. It showed me the normal picture of a not so normal human. But no dragon. I almost felt a bit sick. This is reality. And after having such a dream, I tended to have problems accepting it. Never before I felt it that strong. No wonder. The time in the world of your sleep sometimes seems to run slowly. Like you can slumber for only one or two hours, though you experience to act in your dream for a period of a whole day. Sometimes. This was way more than one day! I was caught in it. Was I unconscious?! Again the question: Am I really awake? Another reality check! I returned to my bed room, headed to the cupboard and opened it. And of course, it was there. The little brown book with a classic baroque design. My dream diary. Where I placed it. I opened it, started at the last page. I read the first sentences. “I reached what I wanted, or something similar…” I stopped. Looked up. Then I read the text again. No differences. They say, you can't read books or other texts in your dreams. I found out, that reading something may be a Reality Check. And moreover, I never found it difficult to read clocks in dreams. But this is weird. I jumped to another part. “…What does she all knows? Indeed, that woman is totally strange…” The book slid out of my hands. When did I write it down? When? I woke up and stayed for a very short time. Between the dream, I had the chance to note what I thought and I managed. But did I? Have I forgotten that? I don't even remember. I looked down to the book. I must have written it! After then I lifted it again, but I denied to open it. I prove enough to see, this is no dream anymore. It ended. It's over. So I can live on. A pretty ordinary life. But somehow I wished, it have not finished. It was adventurous, of course. And when asking myself, I wanted it. In comparison this life is even more boring. Sigh. There is nothing left, but to live with it. Dreams are not all. I have to look forward, not digging in mind and memories.

The hunger was strong. More intensive than before. Next thing I did was warming up some breads in the microwave oven. My classic breakfast. While eating in my living room, sitting on my couch and staring at the black TV screen, I couldn't stop thinking about the last night. My view wandered to the video game consoles. That was no game. No rules and no fair play. Any logic behind the scenery? Guess, no. Why those locations? Why a chase and risk of life? Coincidences? These elements must not have any meaning. But if they do… I turned on the TV. And as I expected… nothing interesting. After switching through the channels I turned it off. Dreams recycle experiences of the past. Things I wish. Situations and character traits I like or dislike, too. All this. So why didn't I get, that it was just a dream. Most of the Reality Checks failed! And when coming to RCs, I tested my hands once more. No abnormal things. Is this the most important meaning which I shall find the reason for? Something that should work properly went so wrong and tricked me so hard. All situations happened fast and hasty. True, that was a good sign, though I never mention that. Then I considered the dragon figurines on the desks, also the nice statue on the table. It's odd, how I still see dragons everywhere and see them as something natural. A great passion. How obvious, that especially dragons had to be part of my dreams. No doubt about such meanings. Now I somehow wished, the tiny sculpture in front would speak for another time. After all, it preferred the silence. I ate the last bread and was still hungry. Doing some more…? Or I just do a shopping tour. I could have something different. And I like to have fresh air. My Laptop was deactivated. Strange, when thinking, that working on in and surfing through the net have become my favorite activities. But anyways. I put it into my bag, headphones and the key for my apartment as well, pulled over my black coat and left the room. But before closing the door I looked to the window at the opposite. Closed. For a short moment I felt like jumping out of it, instead of taking the right way. But no. I shut the door, passed the lift at the end of the corridor and used the stairs. Funny, how much left from the dream. Like the wish to fly. Now I am human, but still I could feel the wings on my back!

I decided to visit another town, cause of the better selection of shops. So I headed to the train station, not far from my home. The street was not empty, but peaceful, how I enjoyed it the most. I went along the way, where I burned the white dressed man and became a god. Again I checked my hands and noticed nothing unusual. No lucid dream. Though even when seeing no inhuman feature, I could still feel the hard scales on my skin!

So I will continue. Trying it furthermore, no matter how confusing this started to be and still is. Seeing the station in front I could also see the little mall to my right, where it all began. Memories of a last night. Things happened here. Or nothing, any passerby could sense. How stupid. Nothing happened at this boring place.

Once arrived at the station, I quickly bought a ticket. The train hasn't arrived jet. I waited. No idea, how many minutes. What shall I buy there?! Food, maybe a new album, or DVD… But while thinking, what I need, I almost forgot something. The most important part in my last dreams. The little girl. Well, she seemed not that young. But how old was she? 18, 19? And why exactly such an undertaking with her? Haven't had I better wake up suddenly? How shall I contrue all that? Will I ever be able to understand? So many questions left. So a curse it is, what came over me. Will I need help?! The train came with it's nerving noise, ripping me out of my thoughts.

A final look at the plan. The train should go in some minutes again. Time to go. I jumped in and sat down on one place. This part of the train was surprisingly empty. Good. Almost nothing is more worse on a trip than a rail, full of nerving travelers. The signal came, and the train began to move With care I took my laptop out of my bag, started the system. With my left hand I rubbed over my face. There was something to write, though I felt pretty tired. And had no specific clue, what I shall write. A story…? I couldn't stop to think of that strange dream. In the end I had an adventure I always wanted to have. But I missed something. I couldn't help. The train halted and more guys entered. That nerves! I only hoped nobody would sit down next to me. I had no luck, I guessed. A small family came across. I did not care and stared at the screen. At least I started to tip some word. Lucid Dream D… Diary??? That is a weird title, yeah. I sighed. Of course, a terrible habit. The clouds dominated at the time, so the friendly weather removed slowly. The rest of the day should not look much better. But for a good moment, the sun rays fought through the clouds. The warmness on my skin spend me some brave. And seldom I see such good scenes like this inspiring me for good pictures. The young lady began to speak. I did not mention anything at first. After then I had to grin. Grinning so broadly, no other reaction, while she told her parents everything in amazement. I listened and smiled, took my headphones, but no music turned on, pretending, I'm not present. What a lunatic and breathtaking dream she just had, last night. Of a lone dragon, so called from the wind…

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