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Chapter 11 - Farewell, Wind

“Any idea, mortal?” He did not even answered. How pitiful. “You know, I have great problems, forgiving after all this stress you caused. What is the perfect punishment you should suffer?” I went closer, while he tried to keep as far as possible. At least he was too distracted simply to run away. “Feeling like a prey. I hope you enjoy this.” “What do you want from me?” I waited for a short time till I spoke. “I want to give you what you deserve. And you will receive. Yeah.” I held one claw in front of my breast. A thin layer of white fire danced around the hard nails. “Mind that your live is nothing worth in this world.” Just for a moment, I was incautious. He drew a gun, which he hide under his coat. How could I forget that? What is he intended to try? “Go back!” he said. We stood in a distance of around 2 meters. Too close for his taste. Though I gave a damn anything on his taste. “Forget it. This is your Game Over.” That shocked him. He was confused. Was I bluffing? Was I just too confident? “I don't tell it again. Disappear!” “Nope.” He fired. At least he did not bluff. The gun was loaded. The munition was a classic bullet. I giggled. His view kept on the point where the ballistic hit my breast plate. Right in the middle. But no blood flowed. The cracked plate regenerated. The bullet was away. He trembled heavily. “You know what…?” I said and that guy looked up. “The book you took from me…” He fell on his knees. The grass around him bleached. “You can have it. Take it, wherever you arrive.” White flames swirled around his legs, grew fast and suddenly ate him completely, burning all his skin, flesh, bones as well. With a final cry of agony and fear he disappeared from this world. The upcoming silence was scary. I was mindless. That was it. It ended, the terror found an end. If this really was a game, I won. But also I had this feeling of emptiness. Doubts ran through my head. Do I really wanted to do that? Was that planned? And what do I still need…? I shook my head. Things are repeating. A strange sign. I am not done yet. I know what I need. How foolish, that I didn't think about that matter. I looked around. A peaceful town. No passerby on the streets, no police. No trouble, just peace. This white dressed doctor was away. The soldiers where gone, weirdly. I took a deep breath and enjoyed it. Clearance. I had the chance to get more, than I was confident to find so far. I was close. Only the one thing what I need to have. So I rose up and heeded my old way back. Nothing disturbing me, only the warm sunlight and the cool wind joining me on my shot trip.

It was still a late afternoon when I reached my goal. A nice little house. And a wooden old shed next to it. Indeed. I truly wanted to return. A mysteries way, this weak guided me, first to raising my worries, so I never would be interested to meet this place again. Just to grant them a normal live I would never have. But now, like how wrong I was once more. All danger was taken. The young woman left her house. Did she seemed to await me? It doesn't matter. I was glad. I landed halfway on the wild grown grass. Between the totally different buildings. And she came quickly, crying “Ventus!” and embraced me. Oh, damn! I moaned “Please, stop that, girl.” So she did. She couldn't wait to ask. “What happened? I can't believe, you are here!” “Let's say, I changed my mind. It's not the first time I do that so fast, you know.” “I was in fear, anything may happen to you.” I was a bit surprised. “Wait I was gone for… only some hours, maybe.” “So They have not found you yet?! Why are you here? Did you forget anything?” Gawd, so many questions at the same time. I thought. “I have anything I need… almost. And speaking about this force. They will not return.” A little pause came. Than Amy rose to speak. “Do you mean… you killed them?” I thought, how would I answer. It wasn't that trivial. “Not really…” “It's okay. I understand. You have to, in order to survive.” “Listen, Amy! I did not kill them… Actually, They have never existed.” I put the girl off her stride. “What do you mean?” “'They' were never real. And so these guys can't harm me. Or anyone else.” “You're joking. This is hilarious! We've seen the news, the reports. And from what have you tried to escape the whole time?!” I went one step closer and grabbed her shoulders. “A nightmare! That's what I ran away from!” She looked through empty eyes, speaking silent “I don't understand all this…” Then I sighed and took my hands from her. I more tended to look up to the clear sky. “I traveled a long way. And just found it out shortly…” We paused for a while. How should I begin? I lowered my view. “You know what lucid dreaming is?” No reaction. “Well, it's not that common. I explain. It's the way to find out, if all this is real or just a dream… And once you realize it is a dream, you can take control about everything. Not every time you will be successful. Though at least, you can practice, without paying any fee.” I stared to the grass. “That's what I thought so far…” “Why are you telling me that. And where those nightmares you had, not more than nightmares. But this is the real life!” “I had no control about these nightmares. But this doesn't have to be important. I am saying 'They' in 'this world' where a dream. I understand, this must be hard to believe.” “How is this possible?!” “Did you never found it strange, that 'They', this force, has absolutely no specific name? Never told in television. And not a single unit of them had symbols on their uniforms.” “And that makes you that sure? Haven't you seen them?! How can you say, they are not true danger?” “It's not only this. Everything I have experienced for the last days… You remember the question, I asked you yesterday? Do you believe this may be a dream?” “And you shall know, how hilarious that question was.” “It is, Amy!” “This is not a dream!” I grabbed here right shoulder again. But this time my whole right arm was covered in white flames. She cried in fear and closed her eyes. When she mentioned, that nothing happened, she carefully opened them again. She looked to my calm face and the fire was gone. “What was that?” I removed my claw again. “My force, might, power. Call it as you want.” “But how…” I cut off her words. “Like I said, this is a dream as well. Now that I know that, I received more possibilities. Anything is possible now.” “What are you trying to do now?” I breathed white haze. “I have not much time left. This is the prize of becoming lucid. It mostly shortens the time you can stay asleep.” “I can't get it. This all can't just be something like that!” “Sadly, this seems so. All I did while this short week. All I thought. Every person I met. So, you too. Nothing have been real!” The young lady stared doubtfully. This must be a shock for her. Is her live so much worth. Will I miss her, once I'm gone? Will I see her again? Soon I will wake up. And once I do so, she will be nothing than a memory. No person of flesh and blood. Just an imagination. I continued and looked to the sky. It was light, almost white. And a haze covered the trees at the edge of the village. “It was a great time, adventurous, funny, I enjoyed it. You guided me through a little journey which couldn't be better in only some days. I once lost my trust, that there will be someone, having such big worries about my life. Even if it was not a living person…” The time past rapidly. “Very soon the time will come. I wake up. Just let me say goodbye. With so much politeness I can come up after all.” “I don't wanna.” Tears filled her eyes, while I was still so cold. She ignored the signs around us. “Amy, accept it. There are things we can't change. And nothing stays forever, mind that. I'm sure, you will forget me, when this is over.” With her bowed head, not able to see me, she said with her sad voice. “I wont forget you. Keep that in mind!” First, I was not sure, how to react. Than I smiled, and spoke silently. “Okay…” The wind strengthened. The fog came closer. “I must go. And… thanks. Thank you for everything you gave me!” Now she looked into my eyes. With tears running down her face, but also a smile. “See you later…” Again she sank her head and lowering her voice. “Farewell, Ventus.” Nothing more I wanted to hear. With strong flaps I jumped from the ground and flew higher. I saw the white haze swallowing the woods, the houses of the small village. Amy stayed where she was and her eyes followed my flight. I chose no specific direction, but to rise, just to rise in order to reach the white sky over me, almost as light as the sun. I conquered the hights as I tried to keep away the unavoidable. But now I can trust it. And I finished another chapter, seeing it's more convenient than staying at the same point for eternity. Surrounded by white clouds and the sun rays shining down on me, I still hanged in. It felt like I would not climb any single meter. In this free emptiness. White shapes under me. Feeling the wide world, when seeing nothing more than whiteness. It always feels so hard to departure this world of impossible options. A place where I have the chance to be something more important. Where the powers of a god is mine. Though any power is nothing when I return. I did so much this time. I shall be glad. And interacting with new comrades in an unreal world is a weird experience that will definitely keep me busy for a long time. I gave up, let me fall backwards and dumping into nothing. Also this body I will possibly miss. So many tries and also some successes. No dream was as thrilling as this one. Now by sinking into white haze, it's just ending like any other dream, slowly turning everything to black. Isn't black a nice color?! So white is… Above all I finally found what I needed. Someone I can share my dreams with.

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