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Chapter 10 - Vanquish Disturbance

Why does it always happen to me?! “Oh, please…” I started. “I know. Why haven't I just told you that earlier?! I feared…” “Stop it. You know what this means.” I interrupted her strictly. “Yeah, he's the law, somehow… but that doesn't mean anything.” “Shut up! Your father is a policeman. And those cooperate with that organization.” “You can't be sure. They are not all the same.” I spoke with more pressure. “There is a fair chance he does. He has duties. And be honest, your father is doing his job properly!” She stayed silent. Great! That says it all. I turned around and hissed. She should not be my angers target. Quickly I tamed my abnormal temper again, faced her. “Believe me. Your mother accepted me, maybe. But he will not.” “It's not curtain.” She spoke with a trembling voice. She became sensible. So fast. Finally. I knew this time will come. Deep inside I knew, I can't stay here for too long. How much time have I left? “Listen. What do you think…” It has no use. Amy has no clue. Surely not. “I'm pretty sure, he will come over here.” But Amy avoided my look. “Ventus…” She whispered. “I feel something strange.” Nothing more than a little sign. Why do I even tell her? The girl talked “I have to persuade him. Trust me!” “Amy! I still trust you. But listen to me, this will not work anymore. Honestly, I just pushed it toward me. The day will come, that I have to disappear, out of your live. Only this way I can safe you.” And much more silent I added “And with extremely much luck… me too.” That theft her the ability to speak. She sighed. You must take it, Amy. If you like it or not, this is the solution. “Any last words before I go? Maybe 'Good luck'? Or 'Don't get caught'? I will leave in 5 Minutes. Not more.” “You overdo it.” “And you don't get the seriousness of the situation! Yeah, your dad will grant you safety. But can you stand it, once if he summoned armed soldiers to rip me out of your live? I said it to myself and now say it once more. I have to do this by my own. Alone!” “She looked at me with her teary eyes. Then walked with slow steps to the door and grabbed the handle. She had no power anymore, to see me. “You know what to do…”

Someone knocked at the door which let both of us startle. “Amy. Come out please!” said a male voice. Not difficult to guess, who that was. Oh damn, too late! No, wait…! “Amy, talk to him. I will go.” Amy, still holding the handle and not being able to look into my eyes, spoke calm and concentrated. “Dad, I'm okay. But let me talk to you, please. Outside.” With these words she opened the wooden door, left, and closed it again. I had no need in knowing what she will tell him. The time seemed to stand still. Silence. Complete silence. Not even the grandfathers clock ticked, like I always was used to it. So strange. What just happened to the clockwork? But I had no time to think about it. Not then. Instead I walked to the little window and took a look. It doesn't matter what Amy talked to her dad, who's name I still did not have heard. They now slowly strolled back to their home and simply wait for my departure. She did it. That was my chance, indeed. Next question: What shall I take with me? But there was nothing in the room what I can call useful. No food. And I did not intend to steal some tools or similar. No. I go with nothing. Like I came. I will manage this. So I walked to the door, opened it carefully and saw them, standing at the House of Amy and her parents. She observed me. He didn't. And I found it painful. The young woman will miss me. She had so much fun in taking care of me. It was hilarious, but also, she fascinated me. So much enthusiasm! In the end I sensed how wrong I acted. Every minute I hesitated must be terrible to her. I grit my teeth. No time to waste anymore! So I spread my wings. Majestically. The wind got even more cold in the last days. It stung on my limbs. No matter. I flapped some times and finally rose. Like the girl now did, I avoided to look, too. Missing. I will possibly miss her as well. And I couldn't even tell why. Cause love it has never been, no doubt about that. So the chapter found an end. The game… Was it still smart to call all this a game. An I couldn't say, if this is the end. If was unsure. Just this relation ended, the interaction of this young woman. I cherished it. Though it had to stop. Otherwise… Ah, doesn't matter. Not anymore. I know what to do now. And I will fairly manage this! There was still an idea I planned to take on now. While the last hours I slowly mentioned something. Important evidences. And the next step was to find it, how much these may be true. In the sun of the noon I heeded to my home village, razing through the stinging cold wind of upcoming fall.

I'm Insane. I am completely insane! Over the roofs of the blocks I flew, so everybody can discover me. With a bit of luck, They will not estimate to see me while such a time, only at night, where I would have less problems to escape. That means, if I am probably right, they are gone. Or they ordered at least less soldiers then normal. Well, it all doesn't matter, once I prove my theories. It's either genius or deadly. A risk. Nobody can tell me. Under me the crowd ran all over the place, scared, like chickens. Vehicles crashing to the next best trees and parking cars. I had no mercy, of course. I have my own misery. Oh hell, when does it appear already? Then I saw it, I came closer to my goal. My home, the building I lived in just days ago. A pretty convenient live. Maybe too convenient… I couldn't believe what I saw. Like that day… The window was opened, like inviting me to enter. A trap. And again, I knew I have nothing left to loose… but my own live. Just a risk to end all this chaos. Don't blow it again! I hit the window and celebrated in the inner. No crash landing. No scratch. Still I was alarm, counted that I will meet some old friends. It shocked me. There was nobody in the apartment! And that was not everything. All furniture, all decorations, my collections of books and entertainment media. Everything was on it's place, nothing seemed to be missed. Nothing! I sank on my knees, so hard was the shock. I proved a first thought… But anyways. Quickly I stood up again and ran to the bath. Just to take a look into the mirror. Like on this faithful day, I looked at me, at my body covered with shining light grey, or perhaps, white scales. A long head armed with horns. I breathed deeply, carefully looked at my claws, properly. Five useful fingers with white shining claws. Five. So this… One last proof. I felt I have not much time left. Two theories I tried now. But I totally forgot the audience. I the next theory is wrong, I'm finished! From outside came noises I really wanted to avoid to here. They come! The last destination. My bed room! Fast! How important is this object to me? How often have I had it in hands? And how long have it been, that I have seen it. Not a single object they took from me. Let it be there or let it not be there! I opened the cupboard next to my bed. I froze. My Dream Diary! Gone! I stumbled back. Weird. No, incredibly strange! What does it mean now? I wanted to know though I can't analyze it now. What is it meaning??? They smashed the door, not even one second later. “Don't move!” I guess I have everything I wanted. I ran to the window, while they quickly entered and chased me. Oh, who cares…? I focused my power into my right arm. With a punch the glass shattered and rained down on the field in front of the building. They were right behind me. “Stop!” one guy shout. I ignored it and jumped. Ha, 'They' never learn it! A shot sounded through the air, told me how terribly wrong I was. Nice try. I turned right left the house behind me and continuously screwed myself threw the wind. Another shot I heard, but this time paired with a nerving pain. That disturbance grew to a paralyzing soreness. One more flap. My back felt like like it's burning. Damn, I got hit?! One more flap. My wings weekend. The power was just enough to float. This can not be! Let this be another nightmare! The next try to fly failed. The upcoming as well. I sank down. Slowly. Faster. Everything worked so well. This shall be the end now? Unlike the last time, My view was still clear. But my back, my wings, also my chest burned. Narcotic. I shall be damned! Before having one thought, I dropped into a tree. Branches broke, leaves everywhere. I lost my orientation. The agony couldn't be even worse than it already was. Finally I hit on the grass. Still awake and ready. Immediately I tried to stand up. No good Idea. My back rebelled. I cried out my pain through the streets. Fine, they will finally get me. How often will I even try anymore…? And as I believed, they came. Most of them ran. The armed forces, their weapons now aiming at me. A black colored transporter followed. It calmly stopped. Then the co-driver left the vehicle. A man, wearing a white coat. Who else?! Him! “You are stubborn, you know that?!” He said. For the first time I could see his face clearly. Slim, wearing glasses that shimmered in the sun. “Game Over, my lizard!” He said with a devious smile. Not again! Why does it all have to repeat? That strange man jumped up turned a half round, enjoying this moment. “I can't believe, I finally did it!” In the meantime his comrades bound my arms and legs, also my wings. I couldn't move anymore. Why can't I just wake up? The nightmare should end soon! It had no end now. Once more, he inspected me and stared in amazement, saying “That was it worth it, wasn't it?” “Why?” He was not surprised to hear my voice for the first time, though answered calmly. “Someday I need the success…” I didn't understand exactly. Than he got up. And he said nothing more. Silence. Silence, but the voice in my head to tell me frequently something. “You have to fight on…” Phrases raging in my mind. “You have to vanquish the disturbance…” Weird. Haven't I thought all the time there's nothing bigger problem than I am. Seriously, I always failed in doing things right, somehow. Pretty often my live seemed to me a disturbed journey to advantage. At least I tried to cover my life. “You must break the fetters!” I got it! Suddenly I felt that all suffer vanished. No pain was left in my back. Or my wings. The paralysis was gone. Only the fetters prevented me from standing up and running away. And again I sensed this sentence. “You must break the fetters!!!” That one thing she once told me. Once, or was it never true? Had she never spoken these words in reality. At least now I understood her words. The meaning and how much magic lay in it. I did as she told me that day. I did as the young lady told me now. Somehow. I focused my powers in my arms. They dare challenge me, a dragon! Not in this world they will put me in a cage. They dare break my will with force and steal my freedom, just to receive a trophy with vanished hope! They dare take hand on a god!!! “Lucky you.” I whispered, which he heard clearly. The fetters made of stainless steel and strong screws cracked and finally broke loudly. The same happened to those on my feet. Less than a second and I stood there, surrounded by speechless armed man. Most of them were masked, but the man in white in front of me. His face filled with consternation and fear thrilled me. I grumbled. “You have no chance. No one of you.” “This is impossible!” “Is it?” I laughed. Then turned a half round and showed him my back. The white dressed man shouted “Stop him! Shoot!“ Quickly I raised my arms, targeted at the guys, their weapons armed at me. They hesitated instead of open the fire. With a deep vibrating bass I sang to them. “Sleep!” All of them fell on the grass and stopped moving. Pleased I inspected my claws. No changes, Hm… That guy spoke again. “You… you monster!” His voice trembled. I faced him once more. I smiled. I saw his insanity in his eyes. But he deserved even more. “I'm not done with you.” And I grinned and demonstrated my sharp claws, which shimmered so nasty. “Though what shall I do to you?”

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