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Chapter 1 - Dreams End

You know about lucid dreaming? You should try it! A method of getting control inside of your dream. As dreams and wishes come together. But are lucid dreams more than they seem to be?!

I quickly entered and walked through a small room, right to the door ahead. Small boxes filled with metallic junk to the right. Some pliers and more tools on two tables to the left. All unimportant. So I opened the door and found myself outside surrounded by more containers. There was no memory about what to do and why I was there. And now? I need something! Suddenly I remembered the reality check and looked at my hands. The left was OK. The right blurred, got one or two more fingers than normal. I got it! I sleep! It's all just a dream. So I haven't much time left! Last time it was a lucid dream I managed to become a black dragon, somehow. It was fascinating. But the dream was way to short… This time I decided to have white scales. I looked at my hands once more and concentrated. Luckily I had not to wait so much and my hands became white claws. Than I noticed the white wings when I looked over my shoulders. Everything just as planned. I raised my left hand and targeted the container in front of me. Weird that it seemed now almost empty. At will I let it burst, let it feel my power in this world. It fell apart in a dozen of pieces. Doubts… Do I really wanted to do that? Was that planned? And what do I need??? Everything around me started to fade in white, blinded me. A beautiful voice called me. Too bad…

I woke up, blinded by the light of my cellphone and still hearing Tarja Turunen singing the song 'I Feel Immortal'. I lay in my bed, in the room I knew so well. Quickly I shut off the alarm and looked at the clock. 4:00 AM. Still some time for a try? Yeah, but I was so excited. Can I really sleep now?! It worked again. First the reality check! My hands were OK. The time should be correct. Sitting up a little gave me a look in the picture next to my bed. With a closer look I saw the mirror in the glass. No Dream. I remembered what I dreamed. Surprisingly much kept in mind so I automatically wrote it down in my dream diary in all details. It's important to maximize the memory about dreams. Enough, I have to try again I thought. Awaking and fall asleep again after 10 or 15 minutes raises the chance. No way to waste more time. But it had no use, there was no way. I wasn't able to sleep anymore minutes that morning after all. Sure, it's only dreaming. Why all that stress?! I just wanna fly, that's it!

Good thing that it was still holidays. Time runs faster. Actually my time only consisted of resting at home, playing the game Arena… and cursing frequently. I got too lazy, that's true. What I forgot so often when I started my experiment became normality. All the time I had to look on my hands, the Reality Check I definitly prefered, cause it somehow seamed effective to me.

00:45. Here it goes! Another round. This time I tried to wake up in my dream, just floating into it while I lie in my bed. It surely sounds easier than it is. Somehow I got bored, felt like I couldn't even fall asleep. First thing: Checking the time. 00:59. Still dark outside. Well… I rubbed my eyes. Than the shock. It always happens so fast. My hands flickered, both had seven fingers! I repeated to look two times. Impossible, this can't be a dream! It's not that simple… Cool down, you're lucky again. Don't allow to wake up. I rubbed my hands, sensed the warmth, inspected the room, realized to sleep deep enough. And it all came back to my mind, all that, what I trained to remember in this case. Become a white dragon! Carefully, first the claws. My hands, once more. The wished claws appeared, the skin colored white, shaped scales. Excellent! The missed wings were already where they belonged. Awesome! My whole body adapted to imaginations, faster than I can notice. Success! Immediately I got up. Now I saw my new tail for the first time in this dream. It gave me a good balance.

Next step. Flying lessons. Really?! Finally. I looked through the window into the night. Seductive! Out of a sudden I had to spread my wings. And I knew I can manage this. Of course I couldn't resist, opened it and sat on the sill. The cold but somehow hypnotizing wind seemed to pull me out. The city cried for me, sailing on the nightly sky. A clear sky full of stars, perfected by some lonely clouds, shined by a sharp sickle. God! Just perfect! I jumped, spread my wings again, flew. I flew and had no problems, no difficulties, as it always belonged to myself. There was no doubt anymore. And definitely no fear. The euphoria cleared my mind. Is this happiness? Freedom? A dream… After some minutes of practicing and enjoying the sight, consisting shined streets and roofs, I remembered the RC. But was this relevant? How could I control it? It doesn't even matter. I did it so far, finally…

The dream stopped and I didn't even know when. The tiredness was the first proof I guessed. Light, the difficulty of opening my eyes. What a pain… Wait! The air smelled convenient. The traffic noises totally nerved. Slowly I came clear and lay on a hard ground. No mattress, no bed cover, nothing! My wings covered me as good as possible. Wings?! Still a dream? I looked at my in the sun shining claws. At my breast and stomach covered with massive scales. So real, but this must be a dream! My protesting back permanently told me the opposite. Sure, sleeping on strange places always ends so painful. But dreams of me never caused such suffering. Never! What the hell is going on? I could stare at my hands for so long, it didn't change anything. Sadly, I had absolutely no idea what to do now. The place where I woke up was a plane roof. It was some kind of mall, not really large. The streets were busy. An escape without leaving a trace was impossible. I was caught in this misery. And I wasn't sure how late it was. The position of the sun indicated an early morning. “I'm doomed!”

I reached what I wanted, or something similar… A lucid dream coming to live, how have I done that. How could this happen anyways? Nobody can tell me. It's no use. My tail stroke over the stone, expressing my strain. Calm down and try to sleep for a while! Hard to do so in such a moment. But there's a lack of options. Leaving with such an audience would be insane.

Home again. I stood in the kitchen. Everything seemed normal. Than I walked into the living room. While passing the door, the ground opened like a trap door, let me fall into an endless black deep. Panic! I will die!

I didn't, but startled and was wake again. Sigh… The last dream must always be a damn nightmare. And always such a short and classics one. Still lying on the roof. And the wings, claws, the tail was still present. “I give it up!” Stretching my limbs was now the most urgent activity. Even the wings, which was something amusing about it… And I inspected them. Like arms, similar to control. I really kept one strong intention. Beautiful… Except of Art in various kinds I normally think so definitely seldom. For the rest of the day I preferred to stay awake, enjoying the sun and thought about the meaning. Never I would be able to explain this phenomenon. Could I need some help? I was helpless… but kinda satisfied too.

I wonder why it didn't happen sooner. In the early evening two guests surprised me so suddenly. “What the…” they shouted. What are you doing here? I almost cried it out but just thought it. So I quickly prepared to escape. Good that my home was just some minutes away. I knew the direction. The undesirable visitors didn't move a finger, completely petrified were they.

While flying I only hoped to keep the trouble minimized till I arrive. A bad feeling told me, after that, a lot of people won't find much sleep tonight…

Next triumph had to be a crash landing. Of course… The window of my living room in the 5th floor was still opened. I better don't fail. Oh shit! I hit the window but crushed on the floor and spinned over, almost wracked my black glass table. But I missed, missed the cupboard as well. I allowed myself some rest, lay there and started to laugh calmly. For around one minute I didn't move though I was sure I didn't even harmed myself. After standing up I totally needed to ensure I didn't break anything. Luckily I only sweeped the Alduin statue and the speakers from the table. I sighed. After putting them back to their places I grabbed the remote but stopped. Better no Television. I was done, totally exhausted by all the stress. Yeah, get some rest! So I just went into my bed room threw myself onto my bed and fell asleep immediately. But I forgot the RC, once more…

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